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Do you know anything about laser power?

Laser power supply is an important part of laser cutting machine and a necessary part for the normal operation of the laser equipment. 

In order to give you a more comprehensive understanding of the power supply, we will elaborate on the following aspects:

Classification of laser power supply

1. Continuous laser power supply: the power supply achieves high-precision constant current output by means of fixed frequency and width modulation. 

The output current has the advantages of a small ripple and high stability. 

The ignition part adopts the three-stage continuous current mode of series high-voltage package starting the arc, LC sub-high voltage relay, and low-voltage constant current connecting arc current, together with the ignition monitoring circuit to realize automatic ignition, so that the success rate of one-time ignition is more than 99%. 

The high voltage pulse waveform rises slowly, and the intensity can be adjusted by stages to adapt to the dispersion of different krypton lamp breakdown voltage. at the same time, it can also reduce the sputtering of electrode materials and reduce the adverse effect of high voltage triggers on the service life of the krypton lamp. 

2. Pulsed laser power supply: a power supply specially designed for pulsed lasers. 

The use of switching power supply, the interior is controlled by single-chip microcomputer, is a real numerical control power supply. 

The parameters such as laser output power, frequency, and pulse width are selected by the touch mode operation panel, and the user programs the laser pulse waveform and parameters through the keyboard to make the welding parameters match the welding requirements in order to achieve the welding effect. it can meet the needs of metal welding and is an ideal configuration of a multi-function laser welding machine with functions such as misoperation and automatic protection of overtemperature.

How to use laser power correctly

1. Laser tube connection: 

The high voltage (HV+) of the laser power supply should be connected to the anode (total reflection end) of the carbon dioxide laser tube. 

The current loop of the laser power supply is connected to the cathode (laser output end) of the carbon dioxide laser tube through an ammeter (or directly). 

2. Control signal connection: 

The control signal lines are reliably connected to the control end of the laser power supply. 

3. Input of control signal: 

By inputting the DAC signal and TTL signal output from the external computer into the laser power supply according to the requirements, the laser tube can be controlled to output laser according to the requirements. 

4. Voltage selection: 

Generally speaking, the input of the laser power supply is 220VAC / 50Hz. 

If it exceeds it, there will be a short circuit phenomenon, if it is too small, it will increase the burden of the power supply and reduce the life of the power supply. 

5. Additional functions: 

The laser power supply has a set of protection switches, which can be connected in series with water protection, protection when opening the shell, and so on. 

Note that the laser tube should be cooled with water when working; the positive and negative ends of the high voltage output should be correctly connected with the positive and negative ends of the laser; the laser power supply should use a three-hole socket with a grounding end, and the casing should be strictly grounded to avoid electric shock.

Prolong the service life of the power supply for laser cutting machine 

1. The external optical path of the laser generator should be repaired and maintained regularly. In fact, the power of the metal laser cutting machine will decrease after working for a period of time. 

When the power is reduced to affect production, the laser and the external optical path should be maintained. 

2. The environment and conditions of the production site have a great influence on the power of the laser cutting machine power supply. 

When we are in production, it is easy to produce dust, when the dust in the production site accumulates more and more, it will affect the service life of the laser cutting machine power supply. 

At this time, we should use a vacuum cleaner to absorb the dust and dirt in the metal laser cutting machine and seal its electrical cabinet tightly, so as to prevent the entry of dust and prolong the life of the power supply.

laser machine

Maintenance skills of non-luminous O2 laser power supply 

The main contents are as follows:

1. First turn on the power supply to observe the failure point of the laser power supply. 

2. First of all, determine whether the cooling fan is turning: if the fan turns, it means that the part of the high-voltage circuit is malfunctioning; otherwise, if the fan does not turn, it means that the part of the control circuit is malfunctioning. 

3. When the fan turns, check whether there is a voltage in the output of the 220V power supply after the rectifier, and then check whether the power amplifier tube is burnt out and whether the voltage after power amplification is normal is 400-600V DC pulse. if normal, it can be concluded that the high voltage package is malfunctioning and replace it. 

4. When the fan does not turn, check whether the voltage after the bridge rectifier is normal, and then check whether the voltage after the voltage transformation is normal, usually the control chip is prone to failure.

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