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Laser Machine Controller

The Ruida series controllers are popular in many 50 watts and up Chinese laser engravers. They offer PWM laser power control and are quite advanced. These can be retrofitted into most lasers, even the K40, but require a higher level of technical aptitude to install as the connections will have to be configured manually and the control head will have to be flush mounted into the chassis.The Ruida DSP ships with RDWorks which is also based on CorelDRAW. LightBurn Software is the only other software known to work with the Ruida and it offers vast improvements over the shipped software.

The AWC Series controllers are very similar to Ruida in function and form. These DSP use proprietary software called LaserCad. LightBurn Software is the only other software that works with Trocen AWC Controllers and it offers vast improvements over the shipped software!

Details about Laser Machine Controller

AWC708C LITE Controller

  • 4.3 color TFT LCD display
  • High-speed 32-bit CPU
  • Built-in clock and user-friendly improved encryption
  • Offine file previewing
  • Real-time tracking
  • Offline parameter settings
  • Full coupler, strong anti-interference and anti-static
  • Continue on cutting since the previous parking point after a power cut
  • Quick and steady transmission by flash drive, network, or USB communication
  • Double laser beam and power controlling stand-alone
  • Various laser sources
  • Double-head motion cutting

RDC6445G controller

  • Support up to 4 servo/stepper motor control;
  • Supports one extended serial port, which can communicate with EPLC-400, wireless handheld devices (BWK201R, BWK301R), and other devices with RS232 standard interface;
  • Support 4 OC gate outputs, can directly drive 5V / 24 relay;
  • Support mobile APP;
  • Support dual-head electric mutual shift control and super-format split cutting processing;
  • Support dual-head asynchronous processing;
  • Support large-format vision, mark point visual cutting and projection cutting, and other processing methods

Parameter chat:

Trocen Controller :


Model Axis Screen size Application
AWC708C Lite 4 4.3” Standard engraving&cutting 
AWC708C Plus 6 4.3” Plus engraving&cutting
TL-5200 6 4.3” Auto-distribute double head cutting
TF-6225 4 4.3” Metal cutting
AWC708C CCD 4 4.3” Machine vision with CCD Camera
AWC708C Large Format 4 4.3” Large format machine vision with camera
AWC708S 3 4.3” Engraving& cutting


Ruida Controller :


Model Axis Screen size Application
RDC6445G 4 5.0” 6th Plus Engraving & Cutting Controller
RDC6445S 4 3.5” 6th Standard Controller Double-Head Linkage 
RDC5121 2 2” B&W 5th Lite Engraving & Cutting Controller 
RDLC320-A 3 2” B&W 3rd Standard Engraving & Cutting Controller 
RDC6332G 3 3.5” 6th Standard Engraving & Cutting Controller 
RDC6344G 4 4.7” touch 6th Standard Engraving & Cutting Controller 
RDV6442G CCD 4 3.5” Laser Cutting System with Machine Vision (Small CCD) 
RDS mart Vision Cut 4 3.5” Large Format Laser Cutting System with Machine Vision 




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