The Most Important Factors For Handheld Laser Welding Machine

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Fiber laser welding machines have become a lot of industries are extremely important welding equipment for improving the quality of enterprise products; quality has an important value. Fiber laser welding machine is not only in the processing of metal materials but can better soften the processing, while the actual processing will not produce welding position deformation of the situation; in addition to this, multi-function fiber laser welding machine will not appear in the ordinary welding tool wear problems.

With the rapid development of the handheld laser welding machine in recent years, the use of water-cooled handheld laser welding machines for a large number of sales to the market, compared with the size of the traditional welding machine, the water-cooled handheld laser welding machine equipment size, and weight still makes customers feel too bigger, frequent daily maintenance and other issues so that the user is still suffering. As the user expects the handheld laser welding machine forward miniaturization, lightweight, maintenance-free development trend, the key breakthrough of water-cooled handheld laser welding machine lies in water-cooled heat dissipation. Therefore, more and more people want to use air-cooled cooling; hope that the air-cooled cooling technology to make further the laser handheld welding machine more lightweight, miniaturization, and maintenance-free to enhance the user’s experience so that its use is closer to the use of the traditional welding machine experience. Therefore, the air-cooled cooling technology route also gave birth to two different air-cooled cooling ways: forced air cooling and air conditioning direct cooling. Which way is better able to meet the product cooling needs, and which way is more stable and reliable?

Why cooling is so important?

The heart of the laser: the semiconductor laser chip

The most important part of the handheld laser welding machine is the fiber laser, no matter what kind of heat dissipation is needed to ensure good heat dissipation of the fiber laser. The core of the heat dissipation of the fiber laser is the semiconductor laser chip in the laser, which can be described as the heart of the laser if the laser chip can not get effective heat dissipation, which means that the chip’s failure to increase the risk of long-term use of the power attenuation increases, which affects the service life of the laser welding machine. Suppose the laser chip can not get effective heat dissipation. In that case, it means that the risk of chip failure and long-term use of power attenuation increases, thus affecting the service life of the handheld laser welder, which is an extremely critical component. In the current state of technological development, the working life of the laser chip will increase with the temperature of the rapid decay, the chip’s own normal operating temperature needs to be maintained within 80 ℃, and the general safety of the working temperature should be about 60 ℃.

Forced air cooling and air conditioning direct cooling

First of all, let’s take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of the forced air cooling method of heat dissipation in the handheld laser welder;

Advantage: Forced air cooling technology is a form of heat conduction. The heat generated is conducted to the aluminum radiator, and the ambient air is blown by the fan to flow rapidly, thus realizing the natural heat exchange to the radiator. Compared to water cooling technology, air cooling does not require additional water cooling tanks, which can reduce the number and size of equipment.

Disadvantage: Due to the natural convection heat transfer method, the heat dissipation efficiency is affected by the ambient temperature more obviously, and the heat dissipation efficiency cannot be guaranteed in high-temperature environments, which leads to the elevation of the semiconductor laser chip, reduces the service life of the laser chip, and fails to meet the continuous and reliable operation in high-temperature environments.

Why the forced air-cooled heat dissipation cannot guarantee the laser chip at a reasonable temperature?

Semiconductor laser chip as a core component is encapsulated in a sealed metal shell, forming a complete semiconductor laser pump, in the work will release a lot of heat, if a 1500W laser full power operation, according to the pump electro-optical efficiency of 55% calculation, the semiconductor pump heat dissipation power of about 2100W, when the ambient temperature of 30 degrees Celsius, the semiconductor pump case When the ambient temperature of 30 degrees Celsius, the semiconductor pump housing temperature of 44 degrees Celsius or so, at this time the laser chip temperature can reach 75 degrees Celsius or more, if the ambient temperature reaches 35 degrees Celsius or more, the laser chip operating temperature will be higher than 80 degrees Celsius or more, facing a very high risk of failure, so for the traditional forced air-cooled cooling, the entire machine 2500W or so of the heat needs to be through the natural convection of the aluminum radiator to heat exchange, and the difficulty can be said to be huge, coupled with the laser chip cooling power of about 2100W. Difficulty can be said to be huge, coupled with the risk of failure of the laser chip in high-temperature operation, which can not meet the equipment for long-term reliable continuous operation.

Advantages of air-conditioning direct cooling

Advantages: The principle is to combine the air conditioning compressor with the fiber laser; through the air conditioning compressor, the will be gaseous refrigerant compressed into a high-temperature and high-pressure gaseous state and sent to the condenser for cooling, cooled into a medium temperature and high-pressure liquid refrigerant, medium temperature liquid refrigerant throttled by the expansion valve to reduce the pressure, into a low-temperature, low-pressure gas-liquid mixture, through the internal laser to absorb the heat and vaporization, into a gaseous state, and then back to the Compressor continues to compress, continue the cycle of refrigeration, in the heating four-way valve so that Freon in the condenser and evaporator flow direction and refrigeration in the opposite direction, so as to achieve the effect of heating!

  • Ultra-low power attenuation, stable performance, double the durability.
  • Efficient heat dissipation, challenging the limit of cold and heat.
  • Higher heat dissipation capacity, constantly breaking through the upper limit of laser heat dissipation power.

Through the comparison of data and technical differences, it can be clearly compared to the “air conditioning direct cooling method” huge advantages, that is, to meet the customer’s pursuit of equipment miniaturization, lightweight, maintenance-free, and at the same time greatly protect the long-term operational reliability of the equipment, is the most correct choice for the user.

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