Laser ceramic holder


Product characteristics

Undertake 50-8000W Laser Power

High-Quality Ceramic, Effective Insulation

High-Quality Alloy, Good Conductivity

Long Life, Durable to Use

Fiber laser ceramic holder

We can supply for Bystronic, Trumpf, Prima, LVD, AMADA, Mitsubishi, Mazak, NTC, unity Prima, Hans, Farley Laser Lab, HighYag, and so on.

Suitable for TruLaser Series 1000, TruLaser Series 2000/3000 , TruLaser Series 5000, TruLaser Series 7000 Fiber, TruLaser Series 7000/8000 square cutting head, traumatic Series 3000 Fiber, TruMatic Series 3000/6000

ProCutter 2.0 and ProCutter Zoom 2.0,ProCutter 1.0; LightCutter; MiniCutter; HPxx; DS; SpeedCutter and M1.5” KN

Trumpf nozzles

Parameters Chart:

Ceramic Holder/Ring


Picture Model Height Thread
priecitec nozzles 3D P0491-130-00001 10mm M5
OEM P0571-1051-00001 11.7mm M11
priecitec-ceramic ring OEM P0571-260-00001 11.7mm M11
precitec-ceramic OEM P0571-1051-00001 Golden 11.7mm M11



Picture Model Height Thread
raytools OEM 120274100B 12mm M14



Picture Model Thickness Diameter
bystronic ring 04-09010 6.5mm 28mm
bystronic-3828 10032838 11.5mm 26mm
bystronic-1642 4-01642 4mm 25.9mm
bystronic-ring 4-01959 10.9mm 26mm
bystronic-13422 3-13422 15mm 34mm
bystronic-13113 3-13113 32mm 5.5mm



Picture Model Thickness Diameter
trumpf-ceramic-holder 0936678-913966 17.6mm 17.6mm
trumpf-ceramic-holder 254493-260432 32mm 31.8mm
trumpf-ceramic-holder 1755673  33.5mm 41mm
trumpf-ceramic-holder 1906032 33.5mm 41mm



Picture Model Thickness Diameter
  nukon ring-pro Pro 22.5mm 24.5mm
nukon-ring Rex/NF 16.4mm 35mm
nukon ring 10046025 4.0mm 35mm




Picture Thread Height Diameter
ipg-ceramic-ring M11 10.5mm 28.7mm


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