Co2 laser tube



  • Faster cutting and engraving of materials
  • Deeper and cleaner cuts
  • Better laser beam quality for more crisp cutting or engraving
  • Up to 10,000-hour life span
  • High power and high stability
  • Water cooled for best performance
  • Lasers from GSI group technology, which is well known for making high quality and long-lasting CO2 laser tubes.

The laser tube is the heart of a laser machine which plays a decisive role in laser cutting performance.

How to choose the co2 laser tube?
Laser tube length and diameter is the key point to get the suitable tube for your laser cutter.
here is the regular size information:
40w L700mm    D50mm;
50w L1000mm  D50mm;
60w L 1250mm  D55mm;
80w L1250mm   D80mm or L1600mm D80mm;
100w L1450mm  D80mm;
130w L1650mm  D80mm;

150w 1850mm    D80mm;

1.Different manufacturers the length and diameter are different.
2. Power Stability 3. Beam quality(M2) 1-1.5 4. Laser frequency Co2 laser tube frequency within 5000Hz.

Daily maintenance

 1.Must keep circulating water clean. If you find water becomes dirty, you must replace cooling water. And the cooling water must not be too cold or too hot. Because the laser tube is easy to be broken. It is better to keep the cooling water temperature between 18 to 25 degrees. The water temperature exceeds 30 degrees, the effect will gradually decrease the laser power. Laser tube cooling water should not have bubbles.  
2. Laser tube with sediment for a long time, it is better to remove the laser tube and clean it, then install again.  
3.Keep mirrors and lens clearly. If you use a laser machine in a very terrible environment, need professionals to use alcohol to wipe the lens.
4.According to different laser power to set current. If the current is too high,it will shorten the service life of the laser tube.  Maintain your CO2 laser tube well can not only protect the laser cutting machine but also help you improve the working efficiency. So just pay attention to learn it.

Parameters Chart:

Reci :

Model Power Length(mm) Diameter(mm) Application
W1 75-90W 1110 80 Engraving/half-cutting
W2 90-100W 1200 80 Engraving/cutting
W4 100-130W 1400 80 Engraving/cutting
W6 130-160W 1650 80 Cutting
W8 150-180W 1850 90 Cutting
T1 75-90W 1110 65 Engraving/half-cutting
T2 90-100W 1250 65 Engraving/cutting
T4 100-130W 1400 65 Engraving/cutting
T6 130-160W 1650 65 Cutting

YL :

Model Power Length(mm) Diameter(mm) Application
A0s 28-35W 600 80 Engraving
A1s 70-90W 1100 80 Engraving/half-cutting
A2s 90-100W 1250 80 Engraving/cutting
A4s 100-130W 1450 80 Engraving/cutting
A6s 130-160W 1650 80 Cutting
A8s 150-180W 1850 80 Cutting


Model Power Length(mm) Diameter(mm) Application
700CL 35-40w 700 50 Engraving/half-cutting
800CL 40-50w 800 50 Engraving/half-cutting
1000CL 50-60w 1000 50 Engraving/half-cutting
1200CL 60-70W 1200 50 Engraving/half-cutting
1600CL 80-95W 1600 60 Engraving/cutting
F2 90-100W 1250 80 Engraving/cutting
F4 100-130W 1450 80 Engraving/cutting
F6 130-160W 1650 80 Cutting
F8 150-180W 1850 80 Cutting


Model Power Length(mm) Diameter(mm) Application
TR30 30-40w 730 50 Engraving/half-cutting
TR40 40-50w 830 80 Engraving/half-cutting
TR45 50-60w 880 50 Engraving/half-cutting
TR75 60-70W 1080 80 Engraving/half-cutting
TR90 90-100W 1280 80 Engraving/cutting
TR100 100-130W 1480 80 Engraving/cutting
TR130 130-150W 1680 80 Engraving/cutting
TR150 150-180W 1880 80 Cutting

Weeson :

Model Power Length(mm) Diameter(mm) Application
1250T7 90-110w 1250 80/60 Engraving/cutting
1300T7 90-115w 1330 80/60 Engraving/cutting
1400T7 110-125w 1450 80/60 Engraving/cutting
1600S7 120-135W 1600 80/60 Engraving/cutting
1600F7 130-155W 1650 80/60 Cutting
1700H7 140-170W 1780 80/60 Cutting
1800W7 150-18W 1850 80/60 Cutting
1800U7 160-180W 1880 100/80/60 Cutting


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