Bystronic Co2 Laser Convert Into Fiber Laser  FAQ

Why Need To Convert Co2 to Fiber Laser?

Fiber lasers are gradually replacing CO2 lasers; many customers buy a CO2 laser cutting machine at the beginning, but with the development of production capacity and the efficiency requirements, fiber laser cutting machines gradually highlight the advantages of this time to encounter thorny issues, is to give up the original CO2 laser cutting machine to repurchase a fiber laser cutting machine.

If you have to Repurchase a fiber laser machine, you will have to pay a high cost. The best way is to convert the CO2 laser to a fiber laser directly.

CO2 Laser Converted To Fiber Laser Advantages:

  1. Fiber laser photoelectric conversion rate is high, with a conversion efficiency of about 45%, greatly reducing the cost of electricity.
  2. The same power laser, fiber laser, because there is no turbine high-voltage power supply and other high-energy accessories, corresponding to the water cooler energy consumption, is also greatly reduced.
  3. Fiber laser only needs electric energy when running; there is no need to produce laser extra gas, running cost bottom, maintenance cost bottom, and simple and convenient operation.
  4. Fiber laser adopts a semiconductor modular design, no reflector inside the laser, no need to start time, with no adjustment, maintenance-free, high stability advantages, reducing the cost of accessories and maintenance time, which is unmatched by carbon dioxide laser.
  5. Fiber laser output beam quality is stable, and it has a high power density. It is very conducive to the cutting of metal materials, with excellent cutting and welding abilities, thus greatly improving efficiency.
  6. The optical path is transmitted by fiber optics, with no need for complex optical path systems such as reflectors, a simple optical path, a stable structure, and a maintenance-free external optical path, reducing many maintenance costs.
  7. The cutting head has more than one protective lens, effectively reducing the consumption of the focusing lens and other valuable lost parts.
  8. The fiber laser light source is exported through optical fiber, which simplifies the design of mechanical systems and allows for integration with robots and multi-dimensional worktables.
  9. The fiber laser source is small in size, lightweight, and has a small footprint. The working position can be moved, and it is flexible, convenient, and easy to place.

How To Do Upgrade? 

The upgrade’s principle is to change the laser source, water chiller, and laser cutting head, use our conversion controller and signal conversion controller, replace the drag chain, add water pipes, and so on. 

With these simple changes, the machine can be upgraded to a fiber laser cutting machine.

Laser source mainly brand: Raycus, MAX

Cutting head brand: RaytoolsPrecitec 

Water chiller brand : HL,TONGFEI

Bystar fiber upgrade higher power

What Is The Difficulty Of Upgrade?

The difficulty of the transformation is mainly this signal conversion controller. The signal conversion controller converts CO2 laser signals into our fiber laser cutting machine without changing the original system. 

And ensure that the signal of the fiber laser can match with the fiber laser cutting head.

We transfer the Bystronic main controller signal to control the fiber laser source and fiber laser cutting head so that the machine can keep the Bystronic original operating software; use our new controller to let the Bystronic operating software match with the fiber laser source and fiber laser cutting head.

What Are The Advantages of Transformation and Upgrade?

  • There is no need to change the original CNC system (matching all versions); the operation mode and layout software remain unchanged, and the original cutting program can still be used. 
  • It Can match a variety of laser sources (MAX, RAYCUS, IPG) and a variety of cutting heads (precise, ray tools, etc.…)
  • We have rebuilt many bystronic laser models, and all the transformation plans are close to perfect. The transformation time is short, and the installation is easy. We promise that the upgrade will be 100% successful. 
  • The original cutting accuracy and dynamic performance are maintained without changing any mechanical structure.
  • A new Bystronic fiber machine costs about 600,000–1 million USD. Upgrading the existing CO2 machine costs less than 600,000 USD, which is much cheaper than the new machine. 
  • There are more and more cheap fiber laser machines in China. Maybe you can buy a new fiber laser machine. However, their machine body quality, operating system, servo system and machine running stability are far from reaching the level of bystronic laser machines.

What Is the Economic Value Of Machine Transformation?

  • Electro-optical efficiency is more than 25%, save electricity 50%;
  • The fiber laser does not need gas, saving gas (He, CO2, N2) costs;
  • Upgrade  fiber laser, new warranty; Reduced maintenance costs (laser tube, water chiller, and laser optics)
  • Keep the original operating system and nesting software, reduce the difficulty of learning;
  • One upgrade and the laser machine can work for more than another 10 years;
  • Continue to use excellent mechanical and numerical control performance and overall stability

What Is Your Technical Support?

We have been in this field for more than 3 years and have accumulated a large number of actual cases of transformation and upgrading. We have a professional team who have been working abroad for more than 5 years. When you receive the shipment, we will show you videos and PDF documents to teach you how to install the parts; if you have an engineer will be easy to understand better. We will prepare all the parts you need and show you how to do them. If you can’t solve it, we can teach you via video call, or we can go to your factory to finish the installation, but you need to pay for the cost of transportation and accommodation.

6kw raytools cutting performance

What Is The Delivery Time And Shipping Terms?

We will send it by sea as usual. If you need it urgently, we can send it by air, but the shipping cost will be huge. By sea, it takes about 25-30 days.

Delivery time:10-15days depending on the different models.

What Parts Will We Receive?

Drag chains, Water pipes, Water pipe connectors, Gas pipe connectors, Amplifier cable, Sensor cable board, Sensor Cable wires, RVV cables, Raytools Cutting headset, Air switch, Dust Cover, Water chiller, Transmission accessories, Slot plates, CNC controller, Screws, Taps, Protection lens and windows, Laser nozzles, ceramic rings. We will prepare a full list before your payment. 

What Is The Warranty?

  • We offer 1 years warranty for the laser source. One year for other parts. 
  • Guarantee the excellent mechanical and electrical performance of the Bystronic cutting machine, and it can be used for another 10 years. 
  • The machine stays in the same place and does not require large-scale construction.

Is The Cut Quality Good With Different Sheet Thicknesses?

The cutting performance after the machine upgrade is perfect. We will provide some relevant training parameters and cutting process guidance. We have a large number of actual cutting cases and data to calibrate the machine, so we will be able to give you a perfect laser cutting machine.

We need to know which materials you are cutting, such as stainless …. And what is the MAX thickness? 
Because we can use  3kw and 6kw fiber laser sources, the power depends on which materials you are cutting. Here are some data for your information:

What Are the Payment Terms?

Regarding payment, we can accept T/T bank transfers: 70% in advance and 30% before shipment.  We will also make adjustments according to the actual situation to meet the market’s needs. Please consult us for details.

What Do We Need to Provide Before Placing an Order?

In order to know more details about your machine, we need some pictures of the cutting head, electrical cabinet, name plate, and software version (DSP), and we want to know the voltage in your place. Here are some sample pictures: 

What Is The Behind Cost?

When you buy from China, you have to pay VAT. Tariffs and rates are different in different countries. You can contact us to help you calculate. At the same time, we will help you save on taxes, too.

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