Trumpf ,Bystronic replacement Co2 laser lenses 097517, 60697, 702232, 110110, 61983, 29100030


  • Effective Focal Length (EFL) :Tolerance: ±2% 
  • Dimensional Tolerances :Diameter: +0.000” -0.005” 
  •                                                Thickness: ±0.010”
  • Edge Thickness Variation (ETV) : ±0.002” 
  • Parallelism :Plano: <3 arc minutes 
  • Surface Figure (power-irregularity) at 0.63 microns :Plano: 1 fringe – 0.5 fringe 
  • Radiused: depending on radius
  • Surface Quality: Scratch-Dig :40-20 
  • AR Coating Reflectivity Per surface at 10.6 microns:0.25% 

High-power CO2 laser lenses, and the preferred optics supplier of CO2 laser OEMs worldwide.

Our line of lenses includes: Ultra-Low Absorption Coating

Co2 Laser Optics Meniscus Lenses

Meniscus lenses have one concave surface and one convex surface. Creates a smaller beam diameter, reducing the spherical aberration and beam waste when precision cutting or marking. Provides a smaller spot size with increased power density at the workpiece.

Co2 Laser Optics Plano-Convex Lenses

Plano-convex lens has one flat surface and one convex surface. More suitable for high turnover cutting applications, and when the cost is more important than the level of accuracy. When Co2 laser cut steel and other thick materials, a Co2 laser Plano-convex lens provides a greater cut width, enabling the laser’s oxygen to assist gas to aid the cutting process.

We provide different types of focusing lenses for different types of laser machines such as k40,6040 ,6090,1390,1325… the power from 40w to 3000W can fully meet the needs of laser cutting, suitable for major laser brands of equipment such as epilog laser,thunder laser,trotec laser,voiern laser,perfect laser,bystronic,mazak etc. 

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Parameters Chart:

Material Diameter (mm) Thickness(mm) Focal length(inch)
CVD/PVD ZnSe 12/15/18/19.05/20/25.4 2/3 1/1.5/2.0/2.5/3/4/5
CVD  ZnSe 28 3.0 3/4/5
CVD  ZnSe 38.1(1.5inches) 7.4/8.0/9.0 5/7.5
CVD  ZnSe 50.8(2.0inches) 8.0/9.7 5/7.5/10
GaAs 20 2 1.5/2/2.5/3/4
Effective Focal Length Tolerance: ±2% 
Dimensional Tolerance : Diameter: +0.000” -0.005” 

Thickness: ±0.010”

Edge Thickness Variation (ETV): <= 0.005”
Clear Aperture (polished): 90% of diameter
Scratch-Dig: 40-20 


High Power Lenses:

Reference No Description
BY314-0185 4-00185, 4-00372, 142375, 60603 MEN ZNSE 1.5″ 3.75″ .236″

Diameter: 1.5″ (38.1mm)

Focal Length: 3.75″ (95.25mm)

Edge Thickness: .236″ (6mm)

097517, 60697, 702232, 110110, 61983, 29100030 Diameter: 1.5″ (38.1mm)

Focal Length: 7.5″ (190mm)

Edge Thickness: .291″ (7.4mm)

81140186 Lens Meniscus ZnSe Dia 2″, FL 7.5″, 

ET .380″ 

Lens Meniscus ZnSe Dia 50.8mm, 

FL 190.5mm, ET 9.65mm

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