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Bystronic Co2 Laser Convert Into Fiber Laser  FAQ

Why Need To Convert Co2 to Fiber Laser? Fiber lasers are gradually replacing CO2 lasers; many customers buy a CO2 laser cutting machine at the beginning, but with the development of production capacity and the efficiency requirements, fiber laser cutting machines gradually highlight the advantages of this time to encounter ...
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The Most Important Factors For Handheld Laser Welding Machine

Marketing Information Fiber laser welding machines have become a lot of industries are extremely important welding equipment for improving the quality of enterprise products; quality has an important value. Fiber laser welding machine is not only in the processing of metal materials but can better soften the processing, while the ...
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How To Buy A Laser Machine From China?

If you’re in the market for a fiber laser cutting machine, you may be considering purchasing one from China. While this can be a cost-effective option, it’s important to take certain steps to ensure that you’re getting a quality machine that meets your needs.  1. Research the manufacturer  Look for ...

Laser Cutting Head Installation

Introduction The fiber laser cutting head is the core component of the laser cutting machine and directly affects the cutting performance. The cutting head is composed of an optical fiber laser interface locking device, an internal optical lens (including collimating lenses, focusing lenses, protective lenses, etc.), an internal cooling water ...
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Which Is The Best Laser Cutting Machine In China?

With the rapid development of the laser cuting industry, the demand for laser-cutting machines in various industries is increasing quickly.  When many people choose laser cutting machines, they are faced with various brands. Many manufacturers can not tell which machine has a higher performance-to-price ratio and better quality.  In order ...
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How To Avoid Deburring?

When using the laser cutting machine for cutting, it is found that the cut workpiece has a lot of burrs and the quality is not good, so it is suspected that there are problems with the laser cutting machine.  Is that really the reason?  Not necessarily.  In most cases, the ...
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How To Check The Quality Of Laser Cutting Performance?

The application of laser cutting of metal materials has been widely known, but many people do not know how to check the cutting quality when using laser cutting machines.  In fact, the cutting quality is usually judged from the angles of end face roughness, bottom burr, verticality, slit width, and ...

Portable Laser Welding Machine

why we need a fiber laser welding machine?
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Fiber Laser Introduction

Fiber Lasers A fiber laser is a laser in which an optical fiber contains rare-earth elements (including ytterbium, dysprosium, erbium, praseodymium, neodymium, thulium, or holmium) to generate light, provide very high optical gain, and easily deliver it to a targeted location.  The modern world is filled with fiber lasers. They ...

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