How to choose Co2 mirrors?

Reflective mirrors, also known as total reflection mirrors, generally made from molybdenum, copper, and silicon. There is no coating on the molybdenum mirror. It can work in a rugged environment, withstand high laser power, is resistant to wiping, and has a long service life. But the reflection rate of the molybdenum mirror is not high. Copper is mostly used for making high-power mirrors for the CO2 laser.

CO2 Laser Mirrors for 25 to 200 Watt industrial lasers are made from silicon with an average reflectance >99.5 to 99.7% @10.6 µm and 45° AOI or from molybdenum which provides 98% average reflectance and is more durable for use in applications that require frequent cleaning. 

Silicon is the most popular material for making reflective mirrors with coating, it has good optical thermal properties and high reflectivity.

MaterialDia mmET mmA degT  %R  %S2 ROC m

Note: A: incident angle;      ET: edge thickness;

          T (%): transmittance; R (%): reflectivity; ROC: radius of curvature

MaterialDia mmET mmA degT  %R  %S2ROC m
MaterialDia mmET mmA degT %R %S2ROC m

The reflective lens is mainly used in the optical path of laser cutting machine and laser engraving machine, which plays the role of reflecting laser. 

Generally speaking, a laser machine needs three reflective lenses, these three reflective lenses, some people choose silicon reflective lenses, some people choose molybdenum reflective lenses. 

Because the two kinds of reflective lenses have different costs, different processes, different prices, and different effects, we are here to talk about the differences between them. 

Molybdenum mirror is made of molybdenum, which is a kind of metal material. 

Molybdenum needs to be polished and does not need to be coated after polishing, so the process is simple and the production is easy, but molybdenum and oxygen in the air are easy to oxidize, reducing its reflectivity. If the degree of oxidation is serious for a long time, it will rust and rust. 

As the customer has a relatively low requirement for molybdenum reflector lenses, he will not be used in laser tubes with particularly high power. 

As a result, if the molybdenum mirror is rusty, the customer will apply sandpaper to polish it and continue to use it. 

Therefore, in the eyes of customers, molybdenum mirrors have been used for a long time and are durable. 

The silicon mirror is just the opposite of the molybdenum mirror. The material of the silicon mirror is silicon, which can not be used after polishing the silicon. It needs to be coated with a gold film. Because the gold is expensive, it leads to high cost and the high price of the silicon mirror. 

Si mirrors can play the role of high reflectivity 

However, due to the lack of maintenance of silicon mirrors, and even the wrong method of use. 

Wipe with medical alcohol, resulting in water residue. 

In this way, it is easy to take off the film, and the use conditions of silicon mirrors are stricter than those of molybdenum mirrors, so silicon mirrors are not as durable as molybdenum mirrors in the eyes of customers. 

This kind of silicon mirror is mainly used in high-power laser tubes, such as 180W laser tubes or 200W laser tubes. 

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