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We’re Focusing on fiber laser technology development, and we are a high-tech enterprise with the core technology of fiber laser. The company’s core team has nearly ten years of experience in well-known laser companies and research institutes. It has successfully developed a series of continuous and pulsed fiber lasers and brought them to the market, highly recognized by customers. The company specializes in fiber laser repair and RAYCUS fiber lasers SPI fiber lasers and provides professional solutions.

Wewin laser provides professional repair services for imported fiber lasers (IPG/SPI) and is a professional fiber laser repairer nationwide. Here are our advantages as follows.


  • Comprehensive technology

    Unlike other repairers who can only simply repair part of the simple circuit failure, both the circuit and the optical circuit can be repaired.

  • Reasonable cost

    Low maintenance costs, on the basis of quality assurance, maintenance costs are more than half of the original maintenance than sent to foreign factories.

  • Short maintenance period

    Generally, one week to complete the repair, to ensure that the quality of the laser after repair to the original standard.

Upgrading Bystronic CO2 Machine to Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

Solution details
  • Main features of the upgraded fiber laser cutting machine
  • Innovative fiber lasers can achieve unprecedented efficiency and precision in cutting thin metal sheets.
  • High-tech fiber technology combined with sophisticated mechanical systems Fiber laser energy is high in energy efficiency, high in output, easy to operate, more economical and environmentally friendly.
Machine structure after upgrade
  • High-speed stable gantry structure, open operating space
  • The most convenient access to the machine working area
  • No need for clamping, automatic edge finding, automatic positioning, fast order processing.
  • High quality, long-term stability and reliability, minimum maintenance.
After the upgrade the drive system
  • AC servo disc motor is directly driven, no intermediate gearbox, high momentum, low inertia.
  • High dynamic performance (acceleration), high precision, long-term stability and reliability.
  • Closed drive system, centralized lubrication for long-term protection.
Laser Technical Support

Laser Cutting Head Maintaining

We have Professional Team to repair laser cutting machines, repair fiber laser cutting heads, such as Raytools®, WSX®, Precitrec®, and other fiber cutting head collimators, focusing lens, protective lenses replacement, capacitance sensor repair.

Sales of various brands of laser equipment consumables products sell well in the consumer market, and several retailers and agents at home and abroad to establish long-term stable relations of cooperation.

Laser consumables included: Raytools® cutting head, WSX® cutting head, height adjuster, Precitec® capacitance sensor, fiber laser optics such as focusing lenses, collimating lenses, Protective Windows / Debris Shields & Lens, laser nozzle, ceramic ring, Sensor Cable Wire, dust cover, solenoid valve, proportional valve, air filter, water filter, cleaning cotton swab, lens paper, antifreeze, and other laser accessories.

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