6kw fiber laser cutting


We offer an upgrade from CO2 laser cutting to fiber laser cutting. This service can significantly reduce your production costs by providing benefits including, but not limited to, longer service life, higher cutting speeds, reduced energy consumption, maintenance cost savings, and more.

Our services include:

  • Providing laser upgrade solutions.
  • Suppling fiber laser accessories.
  • Installing the upgrade on-site.
  • Providing remote support.

What You Get With the Upgrade

Increased cutting speed

Fiber laser typically cut significantly 3 to 5 times faster than CO2 laser when cutting thin materials. The upgrade will make laser cutting several times faster, especially in thin plate cutting.

Reduces operating costs

Fiber laser consume far less power than CO2 laser, and efficiencies typically exceed 90%, resulting in lower operating costs. Upgraded to a fiber laser, electro-optical efficiency is increased to more than 30%, significantly reducing power costs. The retrofit eliminates the need for a gas source, further reducing operating costs.

Extend span life

Fiber laser require no maintenance and have a long service life, typically over 100,000 hours of operation. Because fiber laser last so long, the upgraded laser nachines can run for at least 10 additional years.

Hassle-free maintenance

CO2 lasers may require frequent maintenance, such as cleaning mirrors, replacing Optics, etc., and typically have a shorter service life. When upgraded to a fiber laser, your laser cutting machine will require less frequent and significantly less complicated maintenance than before. Maintenance costs are further reduced due to the lower cost of consumables with fiber laser.

Reduced training costs

Fiber laser are more straightforward in structure and more accessible to operate, so that training will be shorter and less complicated.


Providing laser upgrade solutions

Before the upgrade service begins, we need to understand your laser equipment's current state and processing needs. For example, what materials are being processed, how thick are they, how many pieces are being processed daily, and so on. Based on your requirements, we will draw up a detailed upgrade program for you.

Suppling fiber laser accessories

We have established long-term relationships with several brands of accessory suppliers. We can one-stop purchase the parts required for upgrading and remodelling in the shortest possible time, greatly reducing your purchasing and time costs.

Installing the upgrade on-site

Once all the parts have arrived at your location, our engineers will depart to your factory for 5-7 days of installation and commissioning. After the upgrading service is completed, we will organize the equipment maintenance method into a document and send it to you. Any subsequent problems we encounter will be solved by remote service.


Suitable upgrading program

Optimized based on maintaining the original operating system, the leading replacement parts are laser, cutting head, chiller, drag chain, dust cover, etc.. The original motion system of the machine is retained, thus ensuring the cutting speed and cutting accuracy of the original laser machines.

Quality Assurance

Our accessories are from famous brands with favorable prices; laser Resonator brands are Raycus, Max, and IPG; cutting head brands are Raytools and Precitec; Chiller brands are TONGFEI and HanLi; Drag chain brand is Igus.

Worry-free service

We have more than 5 overseas technicians with more than 5 years of installation experience and have successfully helped over 100 customers complete their machine upgrades. We can provide you with timely installation service and daily maintenance.

Experienced in upgrade cases

From 2021 to now, our company has completed the upgrade solution more than 100 sets of laser machines, and we have complete solutions for the problems that may exist in the retrofit process. 

Extremely cost-effective

All the transformation programs are optimized and improved after countless tests, which is the best price and the most complete program on the market.

Our commitment

100% ensure the success of the upgrade otherwise a full refund!

For mostly brands

We can retrofit most brands of laser cutting machines, such as Amada, Bystronic, LVD, Mitsubishi, Trumpf, NTC etc.

Fast delivery

After confirming the machine's details with you, we will ship the parts within 15 days.

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