Bystronic Trumpf Amada CO2 laser Upgrade to Fiber Laser

Do you dream of changing your CO2 laser cutting machine into a Fiber laser cutting machine?

Do you feel bad because of the high-power consumption of CO2 laser-cutting machines?

Do you feel bad because of the high-running cost of CO2 laser cutting machines?

Do you feel bad because of the high-maintenance cost of a CO2 laser cutting machine?

Our Team can help you to change a CO2 Laser Cutting machine into a Fiber Laser Cutting Machine.

Why do we need to do ?


The original machine tool has a good brand and excellent overall performance. 

Imported cutting machine tools are high-end brands, high initial investment, easier to receive contracts, excellent dynamic performance, stable machine tool structure, and CNC control system performance.

Disadvantages: High energy consumption of gas lasers.

The electro-optical efficiency of a carbon dioxide laser is 10%, which is much lower than that of optical fiber by more than 30%, and the same power consumes higher energy.

Disadvantages: Gas lasers consume high gas costs. 

Carbon dioxide lasers need to consume laser gas to increase operating costs oppositely, fiber lasers are solid-state lasers without laser gas.

Disadvantages: High maintenance costs for gas lasers.

The traditional carbon dioxide laser adopts mirror reflection, but the structure is complicated, the maintenance is more complex, and the maintenance cost is high.

New investment: the one-time cost is higher, there are no exchange workbenches, and the work efficiency is low. The one-time investment cost of the new machine is too high. Under current economic conditions, investment needs to be cautious.

Other problems: expensive spare parts. 

Fiber laser  VS CO2 laser cutting performance

In addition to the impact on the industry, Fiber laser has many advantages over CO2 lasers: 

1. Compared with CO2 lasers that require regular and annual maintenance and replacement, fiber lasers require little or no maintenance and replacement. 

This will affect the indirect costs of the company. 

2. Fiber lasers use laser cables instead of the mirrors and channels used by CO2 laser cutters, thus reducing power loss and improving energy efficiency. It also means that fiber lasers will reduce production costs. 

3. Fiber lasers produce more focused beams on metal. 

This is because the frequency of fiber laser is ten times that of CO2 LASER, because the wavelength of the former is shorter. 

4. Fiber laser cutting machine has excellent cutting accuracy and sharp cutting edge. 

The cutting table ensures a stable cutting process. 

co2 lasers are best suited for cutting metals and for thick metals. 

5. The manufacturing industry has an increasing demand for sheet metal. 

The fiber laser machine is most suitable for thin metal plates because it can meet this demand, while CO2 laser machine is most suitable for cutting thick plates. 

The focus power density of the focused beam of the 2kW fiber laser is five times that of the 4kW CO2 laser. 

Due to the short wavelength, the absorption characteristic of fiber laser will be increased about three times. 

7. The high absorption and power density characteristics of the fiber laser produced by the focused beam make it five times faster when operating on materials less than 1/4 inches thick. 

8. The fiber laser machine tool can run on a dual interchangeable platform, so that workpieces and finished plates can be loaded or unloaded automatically. 

This will reduce the time waste and stress of repetitive work.

CO2 Laser VS Fiber laser Cutting Speed 

In general, fiber lasers are faster when it comes to cutting thin (0-5 mm or 1 inch) metal. 

A 2kW fiber laser cutting machine can cut thin materials as fast as a 4-5kW CO2 laser cutting machine. 

Moreover, if the power of the fiber laser machine is the same as that of the CO2  machine, it will cut thin metal 2-5 times faster than the same CO2 LASER  machine. 

Fiber laser equipment has a very high power density. 

It can provide a lot of energy at one point, fiber lasers can cut thin things, and co2 laser machines are better at cutting thicker metals of 5mm or more. 

It seems that longer-wavelength lasers can penetrate thick metals better than shorter-wavelength fiber lasers.

Attached is the fiber laser cutting speed chart:

Maintenance cost

The core component of the machine tool carbon dioxide laser is facing suspension of production, technology is eliminated, and the cost of core components is high.

How can we do ?

Solution details

  • Main features of the upgraded fiber laser cutting machine
  • Innovative fiber lasers can achieve unprecedented efficiency and precision in cutting thin metal sheets.
  • High-tech fiber technology combined with sophisticated mechanical systems Fiber laser energy is high in energy efficiency, high in output, easy to operate, more economical, and environmentally friendly. 

Machine structure after upgrade (without change)

  • High-speed stable gantry structure, open operating space
  • The most convenient access to the machine’s working area
  • No need for clamping, automatic edge finding, automatic positioning, or fast order processing.
  • High quality, long-term stability, and reliability, minimum maintenance.

After the upgrade the drive system (without change)

  • AC servo disc motor is directly driven, no intermediate gearbox, high momentum, and low inertia.
  • High dynamic performance (acceleration), high precision, long-term stability, and reliability.
  • The closed drive system, and centralized lubrication for long-term protection.

Replace laser cutting head (Upgrade to fiber laser cutting head)

  • Best focal length suitable for cutting the workpiece range
  • Non-contact automatic height tracking
  • Focal length automatic adjustment

Post-upgrade operation (without change)

  • Automatic operation
  • Manual operation: manual setting, cutting adjustment, restart, tracking cutting, material separation

You can choose a variety of restart methods after cutting interrupts, no need to waste time.

Upgraded CNC system ByVision

         We add this main CNC controller TA6000 to transfer the Bystronic main controller Signal to control the fiber laser source and fiber laser cutting, and the Bystronic operates software we still use the old, just use this CNC controller TA6000 to make the Bystronic operate software to match the fiber laser source and fiber laser cutting head.

Upgrade A set of water-cooling system for fiber lasers source

Upgrade Laser fiber laser generator IPG/Raycus (2000W-6000W)

Configuration Details

There are many laser cutting machines manufacturers, but most of there are many laser-cutting machine manufacturers, but most of them can not supply high-power laser cutting. In order to optimize configuration and save costs.Much better to improve your bystronic , trumpf and Amada  laser, cutting efficiency and quality is higher.

amada laser
trulaser 3030

Which models are suitable ?

Bystronic :

Byjin/Bysprint3015, 2KW, 3KW, 6KW /Byjin/Bysprint4020, 3KW, 6KW, 12KW /

Bystar3015/4020/4025L-60/80/120, 6KW, 12KW /Byspeed3015/4020 3KW, 6KW 

Trumpf :

Trulaser 3030 3kW, 6kW, 12kW/Trulaser 4030 3kW, 6kW, 12kW



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