Daily maintenance of CO2 laser tube

Co2 glass laser tube is the core component of laser cutting machine, laser tube is divided into domestic and imported laser tube, the life of domestic laser tube is usually 5000 hours ~ 6000 hours, The life of imported laser tube can reach 8, 000 to 10, 000 hours, and it can be inflated repeatedly (inflatable times-3-4 times, with each inflatable life). 

The life mentioned above is theoretical, that is, it can only be achieved if it is well maintained, so, how to maintain the CO2 laser tube? 

We need to pay attention to the following three major problems.

Cooling water in the laser tube

  1. before you use the laser machine, please turn on the cooling water first, adopt the principle of low in and high out, adjust the position of the outlet pipe to ensure that the cooling water is full of cooling pipe (there can be no air bubbles in the pipe), and then turn on the power supply.
  1. cooling water (distilled water or purified water) is used for cooling water, you have to pay attention to the water temperature of cooling water. The water temperature should be controlled in the range of 25% C-30 °C, not too high or too low, especially in summer. 

when the water temperature is too high, you should change the cooling water or stop the laser machine for a period of time immediately.

  1. The cooling water in the cold area shall not freeze, especially after the CO2 laser tube is shut down, the cooling water shall not be stored in the laser tube, so as to prevent the cooling water from freezing and causing cracking. In addition, you can add the coolant as the cooling water such as AntifrogenL.
  1. The two supporting points of the CO2 laser tube should be at the point where the total length of the laser tube is 1/ 4, to ensure the flow of cooling water in 2L-4L/ minutes, otherwise, the effect is not good, it will lead to | take-off mode. 

(special attention: for users using alternating current, cooling water tank-be sure to be grounded). 

co2 laser tube

Working current of the laser tube

  1. Try to work in the best current range of CO2 laser tubes. 

When the current is too small, it is easy to produce high-voltage ignition; when the current is too large, the burden on the cooling system is increased. 

  1. There is a parabolic relationship between the working current and the output power, so we must not blindly increase the current in order to pursue processing efficiency. 
  1. The physical and chemical application of laser tube to save laser energy, the best working current of the laser camp as followed:

The environment for the use of laser tubes 

  1. Pay attention to protect the output window of the CO2 laser tube to avoid the smoke generated in the working process (including the process of debugging the optical path) from being sputtered to the surface of the output window, so as not to affect the stability of the power. If the outer surface of the output window is contaminated, you can gently wipe the outer surface of the output window with skimmed cotton or silk cloth dipped in anhydrous alcohol. 
reci laser tube
  1. Avoid the accumulation of dust near the high-voltage electrode, keep it dry and keep the high-voltage end as far away from the metal as possible to prevent high-voltage fire discharge. Application environment: temperature from 2℃ to 40℃, humidity from 10% to 60%.
  1. During the use of the CO2 laser tube, no scale can be formed in the cooling tube, so as to avoid clogging the cooling water and deteriorating the heat dissipation effect. It is also found that 20% dilute hydrochloric acid can be used to clean the cold. 
  2.  The CO2 laser tube is made of glass and is fragile. Avoid force when installing and using.


Please follow the above installation diagram. The specialized power supply should be matched with the specific tube. And the positive electrode carries a high voltage, and the ignition voltage should be reached to the specific parameters above. If not follow the above, fire, inner tube breakdown, and water leakage will be caused.  

Length A: Length of the tube 

Length B: The recommended distance from the ends of the laser tube where the pipe rack is placed. 

Length C: The Diameter of Laser Tube  

Unit: mm

reci laser tube

Storage and transportation requirements 

  1. The cooling liquid must run out in storage or transportation  
  2. The output must be covered with a dust-proof plastic wrap  
  3. The storage temperature should be kept between 2-40°C and the humidity between 10-60%

The above is about the daily maintenance of the laser tube, because all kinds of brands on the market have small differences, and the specific parameters will be different. In order to get a more comprehensive understanding of the laser tube, users must consult the supplier before using it.

reci laser tube

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