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Fiber marking machine maintenance

YAG laser marking machine can generate a laser system, called a laser device. A simple laser usually consists of three parts: working substance, pump source, and resonator. The first laser produced in 1960, hundreds of lasers have come out. There are various types of lasers, Depending on the working material that generates the laser, there are gas, liquid, solid, and semiconductor lasers. A solid-state laser is a laser in which a small amount of activating elements are incorporated into a solid matrix as a working substance. The physical and chemical properties of the working substance mainly depend on the matrix material, and its spectral characteristics are mainly determined by the energy level structure of the light-emitting particles. However, the luminescent particles are affected by the host material, and their spectral characteristics will change, and some may even change greatly. The main substrates used are corundum, garnet crystals, and various glasses. In the 1980s, China had its own laser, and products such as welding, marking, cutting. After 2006, fiber laser marking machines began to be more and more popular.We will introduce the composition and maintenance of the optical fiber marking machine in details.

fiber marking machine

Control system

Mainly composed of scanning galvanometer, computer, control software (board card), etc. If the computer crashes or the software does not respond, you should turn off the galvanometer switch immediately; delete some junk files and unnecessary software regularly; organize the hard disk regularly to ensure that the hard disk data is organized and speed up the software running speed; do not have an unknown future history The files and software added to the system, so as not to be affected by viruses, to ensure that the system works in a non-toxic environment.

galvo scanner

Cooling system

Divided into air cooling and water cooling, the cleaning methods are different. 

① The air-cooled machine, that is, the fan, will accumulate a lot of dust in the fan if used for a long time, which will cause the fan to produce a lot of noise, and it is also not conducive to exhaust and deodorization. When the wind of the fan is insufficient and the exhaust is not smooth, we need to turn off the power first to remove the dust in the fan. 

②Water cooling requires the use of purified water, deionized water, or distilled water. Tap water, mineral water, and other liquids containing high metal ions or other minerals should not be used. Pay attention to the replacement of the circulating water, which is usually once a week. The water tank is cleaned.

It is necessary to ensure smooth heat dissipation of the machine, and no external heat is allowed to blow directly to the machine.

fiber marking machine

Optical path system

Constituted by the reflector and focusing mirror. In the laser marking machine, whether the focusing mirror position is normal or not will directly cause the spread of the optical path. Therefore, the optical path system should be checked at all times to ensure the machine’s working normally.

fiber marking machine

Lens system Lens

Generally speaking, the lens system of a laser marking machine is composed of several objective lenses. Before cleaning them, shut down the machine, remove the lenses in order, and wipe them gently. Remember: Do not damage the surface coating. The lens is a fragile item. Please handle with care and place the lens correctly.

f theta lens



Run indicator, when the external power supply is connected, the run indicator will be on, when the external power supply is disconnected, the run indicator will be off. 


General alarm indicator. When the laser alarms, the alarm indicator is on. When it is working normally, the alarm indicator is off. 


The key switch, turn to the “ON” state to allow the equipment to operate, and the “OFF” state does not allow the equipment to operate. The matching key is convenient for equipment management. 


Emergency stop switch, the system can be powered on normally only when the emergency stop switch is turned on; when an alarm occurs, press the emergency stop switch to cut off the power of the entire system. 

⑤Focusing adjustment

Focusing purpose: The laser is a beam with high energy concentration. The workpiece can be processed only on the focal plane. Marking can not be performed on other positions except the focal plane, so you must first process the workpiece each time Focusing makes the laser focus converge on the work surface to obtain the best-marking effect. 

Focusing method: After normal startup, place a metal baffle on the work surface, enter the marking control software to draw a square in the middle of the page (the square size does not exceed the size of the metal baffle), and call up the marking button Press and hold the Enter key on the keyboard to start continuous marking, while manually adjusting the lifting main beam to find the focus. 

Focus judgment: press and hold the Enter key for continuous marking. While raising and lowering the main beam, observe the brightness of the laser beam on the work surface, and listen to the marking sound. The focus is when the brightness is strongest and the sound is loudest. Plane point. Lock the manual lifter after focusing. 

⑥Operation steps 

→Turn on the external power supply: confirm that the electrical connection of each component is reliable and correct, turn on the external power supply switch, and turn on the MCB of the whole machine. (The external power supply is 220V/50HZ) 

→Turn on the emergency stop switch

→Start the computer (PC POWER): Press the “PC POWER” button on the industrial computer to start the computer. 

→Enter marking software: After the computer is turned on, enter the marking software (EZCAD). 

→Turn on the key switch (POWER): Turn the key switch on the operation panel to the “ON” state. 

→Adjust the lifting workbench to the focusing point, and lock the lifting main beam after finding the work focus. 

→Adjust the marking parameters to start marking

→ Turn the key switch to the “OFF” state: take out the key and leave it to the equipment manager for safekeeping. 

→Exit the marking software, turn off the computer and the monitor: turn off the marking software, press the “Shutdown” item in the [Start] menu to turn off the computer, and turn off the monitor. 

→Turn off the main switch and cut off the external power supply: Please cut off the external power supply when the equipment is not in use, just in case.

fiber marking machine

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