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What Is The Best Laser Tube In China?

China is the biggest CO2 glass laser tube manufacturer in the world.It occupied the 90% market share around the world. More and more Chinese laser tube factories supply high-quality laser tube with a longer warranty, More and more laser dealers or laser machine end users all over the world are able to enjoy the benefit by Chinese laser tube manufacturing ability.it is a great improvement for laser equipment .such as 6040 co2 laser machine, 6090 laser co2 laser machines, 1390 laser machines ….In the meanwhile, we want to know who is the best co2 laser tube in china? We will give you a brief introduction of some famous manufacturers. I will recommend some famous brands in China to you.

Reci Laser tube 

Beijing Laser Technology Co. Ltd. Has officially launched W series and T series laser tubes. Reci upgrades and brings CO2 glass laser tube to 3.0 generation. Through the last ten years of development, the CO2 glass laser tube now develops to the third generation. The third generation of laser tube cancels the adjusting screws at both tube ends. Instead, the metal parts are made by high-precise CNC machines. New firing technology is used to join metal parts and glass parts together directly. 

Reci W series CO₂ laser tube has achieved three qualitative leaps after more than ten years of development. They have experienced the first generation of directly sticking the metal end with the lens to the glass tube mouth and cooling the light-emitting lens with water; the second generation adds adjustable screws on the two metal ends of the laser tube, thereby improving the installation accuracy of the laser tube and improving the product The qualification rate and output mode have increased by one level; the third-generation laser tube eliminates the adjustment screws at both ends, and adopts the process of direct sintering of the metal end and glass, which ensures the extremely high stability of the metal end structure without any changes in the mode.

Product Features:

1.Beam  quality:>95%TEM00 mode

2.Optical resonator advantage: enhance power

3.Advanced radioactive materials coated lenses

4.Alternative technique: metal-glass sintering

Reci Parameters:


According to the actual use and market share, the cutting performance and service life of thermally stimulated fluorescent tubes are worthy of recognition. It occupies a large market in the world and is a great brand.

EFR Laser tube 

EFR has 20 years of experience in manufacturing and selling CO2 laser tubes and accessories. EFR makes the  research, development  and production of such laser consumables as CO2 laser tubes, CO2 laser power supplies and CO2 laser optics for manufacturers, distributors and users of laser cutting machines, laser engraving machines, laser marking machines and other laser processing machines. Each laser tube for industrial use is reliable, stable, precise, fast and features a low failure rate and a long service life, promoting their reputation among different industries and applications. 

EFR F Series Laser Tube

EFR’s F series CO2 laser tube is an upgraded laser machine accessory equipped with a German discharge tube that has been galvanized with a catalyst. Its laser power reaches up to 200W, which is 30% more than traditional laser tubes. This cost effective classic CO2 laser tube has a compact size, stable laser power, high-quality laser beam, great beam mode, a small light spot, a fast speed and a service life of up to 6,000 hours.

1. High Power: Equipped with a German discharge tube galvanized with a catalyst, this upgraded laser cutting machine replacement part has 30% more power than an ordinary laser tube of the same length, with a power up to 200W.

2. Reliable Stability: We carry out strict quality control during the firing process of the CO2 laser tube, and ensure they have a guaranteed reliability and stability.

3. Long Service Life: Due to the galvanization of the catalyst inside and specially treated electrodes, the discharge tube has a better stability, and a long service life of up to 6,000 hours, ensuring long term reliable operations.


Cutting: F6, F8, and F10 CO2 laser tubes are suitable for cutting materials in advertising, exhibition, decoration and other industries. These cost-effective glass laser devices can meet different processing requirements.

Engraving: F2 and F4 CO2 laser tubes have excellent performances in laser engraving,, under preionization conditions and a current of 5mA. (F2 CO2 laser tubes require a 4mA current). Our laser tubes can carry out high-frequency pulse engraving.

EFR A Series Laser Tube

1.The catalyst contained laser tube uses non-tunable cavity and advanced glass to metal-seal technology, ensuring the laser has a service life of 540 days.

2.Upgraded laser lens inside the cavity offers good spot quality, making CO₂ the laser tube reach the quasi-TEM00 fundamental mode, with higher accuracy.

3.This laser equipment accessory features excellent beam quality, small spot, and fast response speed, making it widely used in laser marking machines and engraving machines.

4.The CO₂ laser tube has passed the verification of many enterprise customers, because the working mode is stable, and the cost performance is extremely high.

5.It is equipped with a dust cover design for the laser light outlet, which is suitable for a variety of industrial environments.

EFR X Series Laser Tube 

1. The CO₂ laser tube uses direct glass to metal-seal technology to prevent gas leakage.

2. Our company manufactures industrial-grade laser tubes with stable laser beam quality, offering innovative application solutions for global users.

3. The laser lens inside the cavity is independently developed and designed by our company, and is produced by the II-VI Singapore factory in accordance with global optical standards.

4. The catalyst contained laser tube uses a non-tunable cavity and advanced glass to metal-seal technology, ensuring the laser has a long service life of up to 18 months.

5. The application of glass to metal-seal technology completely avoids the output mode change caused by the deformation of the laser cavity, ensuring the CO₂ laser tube has extremely high stability.

6. Strict Quality Process Control—Using Israel’s imported spectrometer and American coherent power meter ensures that each laser tube has high power and good spot quality, reaching the quasi-TEM00 fundamental mode.

EFR CL Series Laser Tube 

1. Stable Laser Power: We use special equipment and US imported gas to allow this laser consumable to have a stable laser power, effectively slowing down the dissociation rate of working gas, and prolonging the service life.

2. Good Beam Mode: The CO2 laser tube can achieve a TEM00 mode above 95%, and features a laser spot size ranging from 3-5mm.

3. High Power: The laser power is generally above 70W, and the power of the 1,600mm CL series CO2 laser tube can exceed 100W.


YL Laser tube 

YongliLaser technology co.,ltd.was founded in June 2005.located at the birthplace of Chinesefirst laser-Changchun,and focuses on researching ,developing and manufacturing the core parts of aser equipment As a high-tech enterprise it pursues an qualified and efficient produc-ing pattern with the business philosophy of professional,trustworthy and looking for long-term development R&D center was established in2007,with more than a thousand square meters optical production level ultra-clean workshop.This group is led by researchers senior engineers and senior technicians,and already has a number of leading laser devices scientific research.

As Series Laser Tube

 The As laser tubes are more stable on longtime and continue laser working and lifespan is longer. A6s and A8s are capable of cutting thin metal and thick non-metal materials with a better cutting performance.


H Series Laser Tube

The quality is reliable due to the adoption of the latest technology during the production process, moreover, it also improves the stability of the product structure, to some extent, improved the beam-spot output mode. Compared to other types of products, it has features of “excellent beam spot, longer beam-convergence, and easy installation”


R Series Laser Tube

R series laser products updated upon techniques and technology of traditional products. 20% enhancement in power and 30-100% extended working life. This series is testified by the market for its good performance and better cost-efficiency.


The above three brands are the most influential brands. As the largest factory in the world, China also has some excellent manufacturers such as JH,SPT,JK and so on.If you want to know more, you can contact us directly.

How To Choose a Laser Tube ?

When you going to purchase the laser tube , you have to consider followed ideas for your reference:

1)Long Warranty:18Months.

We can tell you with certainty that we have a long warranty of 18 Months of Reci laser tube(Not all models),Others Usually only have 6 months or the longest 12 months.

2)Quality spare parts: Lens come from American II-VI , Bond with Kurt J.Lesker glue,Production process is GSI(GSI Lumonics Inc. to GSI Group Inc.),

Comparing those lenses of unknown quality and imitating the production technology without core, you will be more assured of the laser tubes.

3)Amazing power:Compared with the same model and the same size CO2 laser tube of other brands, reci power is often 10~20w higher than other brands. 

The most important thing is that this high power is continuous and stable.

4)Perfect Beam:Close to Model TEM00 profile,Beam quality(㎡)≤1.1

Regarding the beam,Almost all manufacturers and agents claim that their Beam mode is close to perfect TEM00, is it really true?Just test with thermal paper to see if your beam is round and has a balanced energy distribution.

5)After-sales service:Our after-sales team is very professional and has a wide range of knowledge reserves. 

They are not only familiar with CO2 laser tubes, but also familiar with machines, lenses, chillers, power supplies, and various circuit systems.

We can give you some professional suggestions of the laser field,such as mirrors for the machine, what chiller or power supply should be configured, etc. 

6)Competitive price:Excellent value for Cost.

Operating Tips

When using the laser tube, we should follow the following environment as far as possible to ensure that the service life of the laser tube can reach the longest.

Water cooling

  • Coolant: pure water
  • Flow rate: 3-5L/min.
  • Standard water temperature: 10℃ -40℃

Working environment

  • Temperature: 2℃-40℃
  • Humidity: 10%-60%

Operating current

  • The CO2 laser tube requires an input current of 25mA, a maximum operating current of 25mA and a current of 23mA and below for long-term operation. If the operating current is kept at 23mA or below, the service life is up to 3,000 hours. These currents should be based on the currents displayed on the ammeter, which is in a series connection with the cathode.

Cleaning Tips

Please do not use cotton swabs or other wipes to scrub the windows on this laser equipment spare part. Doing so affects the output power.

The specified cleaning method for the windows is as follows

1. When the lens is stained, turn off the laser tube.

2. Use an air dust blower to blow away dust and dirt on the lens.

3. Use a syringe to spray ethanol on the lens.

4. After the ethanol evaporates, turn the laser tube back on.

5. If the above methods do not work effectively, professionals are required, who will use a cotton swab dipped in ethanol to clean the lens in a rotating fashion away from the center, outwards to the edge.

The best method is to protect the windows from contamination.

Special Notice

1. Do not use acetone to clean the glass.

2. When testing the light spot on organic glass, please keep the organic glass 300mm away from the windows.

Safety: As the CO2 glass laser device generates invisible light, please wear eye protection gear when operating. A safety sign for high voltage is marked on the positive pole.

Storage and Transportation Requirements: When storing and transporting the CO2 laser tube, please drain the cooling liquid and cover the tube ends with dust proof plastic bags. For storage, the required environmental temperature is 2-40°C and the humidity ranges from 10-60%.

Adhesive tapes and sponges should be used to fix the laser tubes and prevent sliding during transport. A 70mm sponge should be used at the end of the windows, and a 50mm sponge should be at the end of the fully reflecting mirror.

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