What is the Best Laser Cutting Head?

Precitec ®️ is an established manufacturer of laser cutting heads. It provides all laser equipment with the best cutting conditions. With excellent quality assurance and outstanding cutting performance, it has brought a huge improvement to the laser cutting industry. In order to facilitate cutting users to have a more comprehensive understanding of their cutting heads during use, we have summarized a list of some consumable  parts for everyone to view, if you need more information, please feel free to contact us.

Consumables for PRECITEC HPSSL

OEM Ref NoDescriptionParameter(unit:mm)
PO591-1051-00001Sensor SE HP1.5″HPSSL
PO591-1197-00001Seal RingΦ59.90/Φ 53.70 x 3.10
P0591-1198-00001Seal RingΦ53.50/ Φ46.80 x 2.60
PO591-1198-00001Seal RingΦ36.00/Φ29.50 x 2.60
PO591-1197-00001O-ring for sensorΦ27.50 x Φ1.50
PO591-1197-00001O-ring for sensorΦ4.50 x Φ1.80
PO591-1142-00001O-ringΦ26.00 x Φ1.50
PO591-21232NutMU HP PLUS
PO492-003-20000DSensor CableSensor Cable KS 20m Gw ZPU
P8030-100-00001adjust boxADJUST BOX EG 8030 A
PO571-1051-00001Nozzle Holder Nozzle holder KT B2″CON
P0591-1186-00001Collimating lens assyFused silica D30 F100
P0591-1262-00001Focusing lens assyFused silica D30 F125
P0591-1263-00001Focusing lens assyFused silica D30 F200
P0589-360-00001Protective windowsD22.35 d4 AR/AR 1064nm


OEM Ref NoDescriptionParameter(unit:mm)
P0580-5002-00001Sensor SE LightCutter F100-F200
PO591-1142-00001O- Ring
PO591-21232NutMU HP PLUS
PO571-1051-00001Nozzle holderNozzle holder KT B2″CON OEM
P0580-2102-00001Collimating lens assyFused silica D30 F100
P0580-1103-00001Focusing lens assyFused silica D30 F125
P0580-1104-00001Focusing lens assyFused silica D30 F150
P0795-1201-00001Protective windowsD30 d5 AR/AR 1064nm

Consumables for PROCUTTER

OEM Ref NoDescriptionParameter(unit:mm)
Sensor SE HP1.5″HPSSL
Seal RingΦ54.50/Φ 47.70 x 3.00
PO595-59131Seal RingΦ40.35/ Φ33.60 x 2.90
O-ring for sensorΦ8 x 1.8
O-ring for sensorΦ40 x Φ2.0
O-ring for sensorΦ4.50 x Φ1.80
PO595-59180SensorSE ProCutter F125 PRO 08
P0595-60123SensorSE ProCutter F150 PRO 08
PO595-59120SensorSE ProCutter F200 PRO 08
PO595-84859SensorSE Procutter F200 PRO 12
PO595-90389 SensoSE Procutter F200 PRO 15
PO591-1142-00001o-ringΦ26.00 x 1.50 mm
PO571-1051-00001Nozzle Holder Nozzle holder KT B2″CON
Collimating lens assyFused silica D37 F100
P0595-59761Focusing lens assyFused silica D37 F125
P0595-70894Focusing lens assyFused silica D37 F150
P0595-70900Focusing lens assyFused silica D37 F200
P588-1022-00001Protective windowsD21.50 d2.0 AR/AR 1064nm
P0595-58601Protective windowsD37 d7.0 AR/AR 1064nm
P0491-130-00001Nozzle HolderKT M1.5”KS Ceramic for M1.5”KS

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