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Fiber laser solutions

Bystronic Co2 Laser Convert Into Fiber Laser  FAQ

Why Need To Convert Co2 to Fiber Laser? CO2 lasers are gradually being replaced by fiber lasers, Many customers buy a CO2 laser cutting machine …

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Fiber laser solutions

The Most Important Factors For Handheld Laser Welding Machine

Marketing Information Fiber laser welding machine has become a lot of industries are extremely important welding equipment, for improving the quality of enterprise product quality …

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fiber laser machine
Fiber laser solutions

How To Buy A Laser Machine From China?

If you’re in the market for a fiber laser cutting machine, you may be considering purchasing one from China. While this can be a cost-effective …

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Fiber laser solutions

Laser Cutting Head Installation

Introduction The fiber laser cutting head is the core component of the laser cutting machine, which directly affects the cutting performance. The cutting head is …

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Fiber laser solutions

Which Is The Best Laser Cutting Machine In China?

With the rapid development of the laser cuting industry, the demand for laser-cutting machines in various industries is increasing quickly.  When many people choose laser …

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Structure and Advantages of Co2 laser tube

CO2 laser tube is a gas laser with CO2 gas as the working material.
The discharge tube is usually made of glass or quartz, filled with CO2 gas and other auxiliary gases (mainly helium and nitrogen, and usually a small amount of hydrogen or xenon); the electrode is usually made of nickel hollow cylinder; one end of the resonant cavity is a gilded total mirror, the other end is a partial mirror made of germanium or gallium arsenide.

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