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With the development of mechanical and electrical, materials, computer, and control technology, laser plus technology has become a new processing technology step by step. 

It has the advantages of wide processing object, small deformation, high precision, energy-saving, low public hazard, long-distance processing, automatic processing and so on. 

It plays a significant role in improving output, quality, and labor productivity, realizing automation of adding process, eliminating pollution, reducing material consumption. 

Laser processing is mainly used in electronics, automobile, machinery manufacturing, iron and steel metallurgy, petroleum, light industry, medical devices, packaging, gift industry, watches, and clocks, Civil explosion, clothing, cosmetics, tobacco, aviation, aerospace, and other industries, and Fan Wei should be used more and more widely. 

It has also been widely used in laser lighting, laser texturing, laser cutting, laser welding, heat treatment, laser marking, laser engraving, and so on.

Fiber laser cutting

 At present, the main stock is that your products are as followed:

Fiber marking machine 

The fiber marking machine is the first advanced technique in the marking industrial area.

The laser marking machine does not contact the working parts, and there is no mechanical deformation on the surface of the workpieces. high-speed marking can be used on the production line in real-time, with unique advantages such as high precision, fast acceleration. 

It can print all kinds of characters, symbol numbers, picture plans, serial numbers, bar codes, and QR codes on flat, arc, and flying objects, especially suitable for hard, brittle, and soft products. 

Widely used in electronic industry, automobile industry, medical products, hardware tools, household appliances, daily use products, labeling technology, aerospace industry, certificate cards, bead processing, instrument watches and widely announced signs, and so on. 

Typical applications include marking all kinds of metallic and non-metallic materials and product surfaces. 

Such as stainless steel, aluminum alloy, organic glass, ceramics, plastics, synthetic materials, wood, rubber leather, paper products, capacitance, inductance, printed circuit boards, integrated circuits, electrical plug cards, various types of instruments and control panels, buttons, cosmetic packaging, food packaging, 

Stationery, arts and crafts, incense smoke, detonator, shaft bearing, gear, piston ring.

fiber marking machine

Laser welding machine

Laser has good monochromatism, directionality, coherence, and aggregation energy, it is not suitable for welding. 

Laser welding technology can transmit higher than 10KW / MM to parts. 

Therefore, it can be formed into a molten pool with a relatively large depth and width and a small hole. 

The laser welding connects the liquid molten pool through radiation absorption and production, makes it grow to an ideal inch, and then moves the molten pool along the solid interface to eliminate the initial gap between the welded mechanism parts to form a high-quality weld. 

At present, the laser welding machine mainly uses high-power carbon dioxide exciter and pulse Nd: YAG exciter, which is convenient to use optical fiber coupling or optical mirror focusing. 

The exciter can be far away from the welding zone, and the laser can be stable and reliable with long service life. it is widely used in laser processing cars and automatic production lines, including electronics, aerospace, chemical engineering, hardware, and so on. 

The materials and products to be welded are stainless steel, aluminum alloy, pressure capacitor, tantalum capacitance, electron gun, lithium-ion battery, pressure sensor, optical fiber coupler, all kinds of metal sealing boxes or containers for aerospace.

Laser cutting machine/engraving machine

Laser cutting uses a focused high-energy laser beam to melt or vaporize the parts, and an auxiliary gas body is used to blow out the melted or oxygenated material to form a cut. 

Laser cutting is one of the most mature and widely used laser processing techniques. 

The laser cutting tool has the following advantages: narrow slit, saving cutting material, can not cut through the blind slot; can easily cut fragile, brittle, soft, hard material and synthetic material; high cutting speed; no tool wear; easy to NC or computer control. 

The noise is low and there is no public harm. 

At present, the high-power carbon dioxide laser and Nd:YAG laser  are mainly used in the laser cutting machine, and the workpiece or laser beam is controlled by the computer CNC software, supplemented by high-pressure gas.

The laser engraving machine is usually composed of carbon laser, special laser engraving soft parts, an automatic control system, and precision machinery. it belongs to high-tech light-excited products with low price, computer typesetting, laser engraving, rich character body and a high degree of automation. 

The utility model has the unique advantages of fast engraving speed, convenient operation, and so on. 

Widely used in seals, medals and trophies, gifts and announcements, such as horns, plastic materials, machines, wood, ink storage pads, atomic seals, rubber and other materials to conveniently engrave all kinds of seals; carve and cut all kinds of signs. 

Carve all kinds of characters and figures on bamboo boards or wood.

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