Laser cutting development&application

Laser cutting uses a high power density laser beam to scan the surface of the material. 

Heat the material to thousands to tens of thousands of degrees Celsius in a very short time, causing it to melt or vapour. 

Melt, then melt with high pressure gas or vapour blown away from the cut seam to achieve the purpose of cutting the material. 

The main method of excimer cutting is Co2 excimer cutting, and Co2 excimer cutting is done with a focusing lens. 

The CO2 laser beam is focused on the surface of the material to melt the material, which is the same as the laser beam at the same time. 

The compressed gas body of the shaft blows away the melted material and makes the laser beam and the material along a certain track. 

The trace moves opposite to each other, thus forming a slit in a certain shape. 

There are many kinds of laser cutting technology, in which the melting cutting makes the work rate density of the incident laser beam exceed a certain value, which causes the internal evaporation of the material at the irradiation point of the light beam to form a hole. 

Vaporization cutting is to heat up the laser beam with high work rate density to avoid the melting caused by heat conduction, so that part of the material is vaporized into steam. 

Oxidizing melting cutting is another heat source produced by the chemical reaction of the material which is ignited by the excited light beam and strongly reacts with oxygen. 

For brittle materials that can be easily damaged by heat, high-speed and controllable cutting is carried out through excited light beam, resulting in large thermal gradient and strict mechanical deformation in this area, which leads to the formation of cracks in the material, which is called controlled fracture cutting.

co2 laser cutting

Widely application of laser cutting technology

The laser cutting is widely used for many industrial area.

Such as automobile industry, computer, electric machine shell, cutting of all kinds of metal parts and special materials, circular saw blade, pressure force, spring gasket, copper plate for electronic parts below Z m m, some metal mesh plate, steel pipe, tinned iron plate, lead plated steel plate, phosphorus bronze, Electric plank, thin aluminum alloy, quartz glass, silicon, rubber, alumina ceramic under 1mm, Qinhe gold used in aerospace industry, etc. 

In recent years, the new application layer of laser cutting is endless.

Clothing, leather

In July 2002, the third generation “L E C P L U S laser engraving and cutting machine” was officially launched by Boye Laser Application Co., Ltd., which is widely used in clothing, leather and other multi-collar fields. 

S-PIN series laser cutting machine adopts CO2 exciter, which is a new type of light-excited cutting machine which is produced in large quantities and tailor-made for needle-to-leather and clothing. 

The double-head laser head carries out the engraving and cutting operation on the same page, which doubles the processing efficiency and retains the advantages of the original series of single-head cutting machines. It supports the special format of Tadashima embroidery, such as D S T format and vector graphic format such as PLT and D X F, and is specially used for cloth channel and tensioning structure. 

The special negative pressure suction cloth is equipped with beehive cutting platform to further improve the precision of carving, which is widely used in clothing, cloth, embroidery, Beizhan cloth embroidery, leather and other industries. 

The excited light of the microchip

In August 2004, Russian researchers launched a laser device that can simply and efficiently cut sapphire crystals into thin slices less than 1 micron in thickness. 

The installation is used to replace the currently used drilling knife to cut the microchip. 

St. Petersburg researchers opened the laser cutting equipment using picosecond ultrashort wave low-energy excitation. 

When cutting the material, the special optical system of the excited light installation focuses the excited light into an excited beam with a diameter of only a few microns. 

By using this kind of energy to concentrate the laser in a specific space and time, irradiating materials such as sapphire, we can directly punch a few close adjacent small holes in the interior of the material. 

This kind of sapphire material, which is “drilled”, can be easily “broken” to get a reasonable microchip. 

Automobile parts cutting 

A large number of three-dimensional laser beam cutting machines are used in automobile sample cars and small batch production, and laser processing should be used for the cutting of thin plates and strips such as ordinary aluminum, stainless steel and so on. 

The cutting speed has reached 10mm/min, which not only greatly shortens the production quasi-preparation period, but also makes the inter-car production flexible, and the working area is reduced by half. 

Because of its high processing efficiency, the processing cost is 50% lower than that of mechanical processing. 

Laser cutting of liquid crystal screen short circuit ring

The liquid crystal screen short-circuit ring laser cutting machine developed by Changchun Guanghua Microelectronics equipment Co., Ltd. is the first liquid crystal screen short-circuit ring laser cutting machine developed by Chinese. 

The utility model has the advantages of reasonable design scheme, advanced performance, automatic image identification, fast and accurate alignment, high positioning accuracy of fast movement control, smooth and clean laser cutting, and so on. 

Experts believe that its integrated skills and sexual energy indicators reach the first water level of similar products in the country, filling in the blank in the country. 

Laser cutting of aluminum foam sandwich material

(B L Z), the Asian Laser Technology Center in Bavaria, Germany, has developed the laser cutting technology of aluminum foam sandwich material (AFS). AFS is cut by laser in foaming and non-foaming state. 

Laser cutting of plastic material

A classic example of robot-assisted laser cutting of plastics is the C-pillar lining of Volkswagen’s Golf IV car. A carbon dioxide exciter shall be used and installed directly on the human hand arm of the machine to cut the outer outline of the 3D-plastic lining, cut out the ventilation hole and the fixed hole of the full belt. 

 LT6 5 1 pipe 

In June 2004, the new LT6 51 pipe laser cutting machine of, B L M Group A D I G E Co., Ltd. was favored by the British TR IMPH Motorcycle Company. 

The greatest advantage of LD651 pipe laser cutting machine is that it omits the multi-work sequence in production technology, such as traditional engineering, pipe milling, drilling, punching, hydraulic stretching and deburring on ordinary machine tools. 

On the LT651 pipe laser cutting machine, all these operations can be carried out on this machine bed.

Laser cutting development in China

In order to improve machinery industry, especially the automobile manufacturing industry, catch up with the world water level as soon as possible, the Institute of excitation of Hunan University finally developed the first split-frame folding quasi-sealing type cutting and welding laser in 1994, and obtained the national patent. 

The price of each piece of equipment is 50% only compared with developed country.In March 2003, the “numerical Control excited Light Tube processing equipment” developed by the President of Chinese Science, Chunguang Machinery and Physics Research Institute, changed the situation that our country’s petroleum industry relies on imports to set up processing pipe materials. Some experts believe that the introduction and application of home-made CNC light-emitting tube (curved surface) cutting equipment indicates that the first-in equipment made in our country has reached the international level of first-in equipment. 

The numerical Control Machinery Company of Jinan casting and forging Institute has manufactured the first domestic L C Z-18 x 30 exchange duplex machine with two-sided drive digital control precision laser cutting machine. 

Two key techniques are broken in the design: one is to solve the synchronization problem of two motors in X-axis bilateral drive, and the other is to solve the synchronization problem of 8 cylinders in the lifting worktable. 

In September, 2004, the first batch of high-performance laser cutting machines produced by China Engineering Technology passed the inspection in Wuhan, marking the successful launch of the first domestic high-performance laser cutting machine in China, which was fully affirmed by sales customers and technical experts at home and abroad. 

Huagong Science and Technology is also prepared to move cutting-edge plasma cutting machines to Wuhan production, through the re-allocation of superior resources in China and Australia, to enhance the core competitiveness of Chinese technology in the international process. 

With the rapid development of economy and economy in our country, many traditional industries need to be reformed, many fields of food processing and processing need to be developed, and industrial cities also need to build laserprocessing centers. 

Therefore, there is great potential for the promotion and application of laser cutting in our country. 

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