How to select a laser cutting head?

Optical parameters, compatibility, heat dissipation, and power are important factors for us to choose laser cutting head. 

With the continuous improvement of processing quality requirements, laser cutting equipment is developing in the direction of refinement and specialization.

raytools cutting head

Optical parameters

Laser is the energy core of the laser cutting head, and the primary factor affecting the work of the laser cutting head is the optical parameters. 

The optical parameters include collimating focal length, focusing focal length, spot size, effective working focal length, adjustable focal length, and so on. These parameters are closely related to the cutting process of the laser cutting head, and whether different cutting processes can be effectively realized or whether the laser cutting head can meet the requirements of a certain process depends on it.


The laser cutting head needs to cooperate with a variety of equipment to complete the cutting work, such as laser cutting machine, water cooler, laser, and so on. The strength of the manufacturer determines the compatibility of the laser cutting head. 

The laser cutting head with good compatibility has strong cooperation ability, so it will not affect the performance of other equipment.

Power and heat dissipation 

The power of the laser cutting head determines how thick the plate can be cut, while the heat dissipation determines the cutting time. 

Therefore, in batch production, special attention should be paid to the performance of power and heat dissipation. 

Of course, with the current degree of technological maturity, meeting a certain amount of power is not a problem.

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