How To Make A Bing Dwen Dwen By Co2 Laser Machine?

If you have a CO2 laser machine, you can make your own bing dwen dwen. We will provide some simple tutorials to help you create a unique bing dwen dwen.

Since the view effect is better when the engraving side is on the back, you can flip it horizontally after importing the drawing, as shown in the following figure:

Determine the drawings that need to be sculpted and processed and set them to different colors; then, you can add the corresponding layers, as shown in the following figure:

After entering the layer parameters, set the carving and cutting parameters, respectively, according to the actual power of the equipment and the actual thickness, as shown in the following figure:

To facilitate observation, you can check the simulation display carving layer, and the filled part is the engraved part, as shown in the following figure:

Make sure the sculpted layer is above the cut layer, and check sort by layer at the optimized sort settings, as shown in the following figure:

Load the processing file into the laser machine, place the plate position it, and then start the processing.

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