Guide maintenance of fiber lasers in Summer

After the Beginning of Summer, the temperature gradually increased and the air humidity increased. 

The laser source is easy to break down in the summer. According to the statistical results, most of the faults of high power laser are closely related to the operation sequence of users and the operating environment of the equipment.

Laser Source is a device that converts electrical energy into light energy, and its internal structure is more complex, involving many disciplines and fields, such as optics, mechanics, electricity, calculation, and so on. 

Although fiber lasers have lower environmental requirements than other types of lasers, they must also ensure that the user environment ensure that the laser machine work well.

If there are omissions in the start-up sequence, airtight chassis, and water temperature setting, it may cause the surface condensation of the electronic and optical devices cooled by water inside the laser due to the internal and external temperature difference, thus reducing the performance of the laser and even damaging the laser.

IPG  laser

According to our daily practice, the following points as followed for your reference:

Make sure the chassis is airtight

The chassis of the fiber laser adopts an airtight design and is equipped with a chassis air conditioner or dehumidifier in order to ensure that the components in the chassis are in relatively stable and safe temperature and humidity environment. 

If the chassis is not in an airtight state, the high-temperature and high-humidity air outside the chassis will go to the chassis, and when it encounters an internal water-cooled element, it does not condense on its surface as expected, causing possible damage. 

Therefore, the inspection of the tightness of the chassis should pay attention to the following aspects: 

At this point, you should pay attention to: 

1. Whether the doors of each cabinet exist and are closed. 

2. Whether the lifting bolts at the top are tightened or not. 

3. Whether the protective cover of the unused communication control interface at the rear of the chassis is covered and whether the one that has been used is fixed.

Boot sequence

As it is impossible for the laser chassis to be completely airtight, when the power is cut off at night, the air conditioner of the chassis stops working. If the room is not equipped with air conditioning or the air conditioner does not work at night, the hot and humid air from the outside can gradually infiltrate into the chassis. 

Therefore, when rebooting in the morning, you should pay attention to the following steps: 

At this point, you should pay attention to: 

  1. Start the total power supply of the laser (no light) and let the air conditioner in the chassis run for about 30 minutes. 
  2. Start the matching water cooler, wait for the water temperature to be adjusted to the predetermined temperature, and turn on the laser enable switch. 
  3. Carry out normal processing.

Water temperature setting

The temperature of cooling water has a direct influence on the electro-optic conversion efficiency, stability, and condensation. 

In general, the cooling water temperature is settled as followed: 

At this point, you should pay attention to: 

  1. The water temperature of cryogenic water (cooling laser module) should be set at about 21 degrees Celsius. 
  2. For lasers above 2500W, the water temperature of deionized DI water (cooling optical parts) should be set between 27 and 33 degrees, and this temperature should be adjusted accordingly according to the ambient temperature and humidity. Generally speaking, the higher the ambient temperature and the higher the humidity, the water temperature of DI water should increase accordingly. 


The climate characteristics of each season are very different. A laser cutting machine is a kind of processing equipment that requires high precision and is more expensive. Scientific and orderly maintenance according to climate characteristics can effectively avoid small problems in the process of laser cutting and improve the service life of laser cutting machines.

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