CO2 laser lens cleaning

The focusing lens of the laser cutting machine is a key optical element, and its cleanliness directly affects the processing performance and quality of the laser cutting machine. 

Therefore, timing is very necessary for the maintenance of the focusing lens. here are some correct operation procedures and matters needing attention for the maintenance of the focus lenses of the laser cutting machine.

Operational Process

  1. Take out the focusing mirror module from the frame, loosen the fastening screw, take out the lens, and first blow the dust off the surface of the lens with a balloon.
  1. You can only use a laboratory-grade paper cotton ball, dip in the right amount of acetone or high-purity alcohol, and gently rotate clockwise from the center of the lens to the edge. Be flexible cleaning for slight contamination (stains, fingerprints)

Infiltration of an unused swab or cotton balls with acetone or isopropyl alcohol. Gently wipe the surface of the optical element with wet cotton, do not force friction. Drag wet cotton on the surface, drag speed control. The stay-behind of the wet cotton liquid can be evaporated immediately, so they will not leave marks.

Can only use plain paper body stick cotton swabs, and high-quality medical cotton. We recommend the use of reagent-grade acetone or isopropyl alcohol.

  1. Install the lens, tighten the screws, and be sure to keep the convex surface upward when installing the focusing lens.
laser lens


1. The focusing lens raw material is ZnSe (zinc selenide), which is easy to fall. When disassembling and disassembling, we should pay attention to do not push too hard, do not collide with hard objects. 

There is an anti-reflective film on the surface, which is afraid of pollution, dampness, oiliness, and scraping; therefore, it is required to provide dry, deoiled air at work, and do not directly handle the lens of the laser cutting machine focus mirror by hand. because the skin grease will cause permanent damage to the surface of the lens. 

On the contrary, you can wear gloves and their special kit to operate, for smaller lenses, it will be more convenient to use optical tweezers or vacuum tweezers. 

No matter what method is used to clip the focusing mirror of the laser cutting machine, it can only be clamped along the non-optical surface, such as the frosted edge of the mirrored plaque. 

2. In general, the focusing mirror of the laser cutting machine needs to be checked before use and before and after cleaning. 

Because the size of most contaminants and surface defects is relatively small, we often need to use magnifying equipment when checking lenses. 

In addition to magnifying equipment, sometimes we need to illuminate the optical surface with a brighter beam of light to enhance the specular reflection of surface contaminants and defects so that contaminants and defects can be found more easily. 

3. When cleaning a laser cutter focusing mirror, clean wiping paper and optical grade solvents are often used to prevent damage by other contaminants. 

Wiping paper must be wetted with a suitable solvent and must not be used dry. 

For the sake of softness, the available wiping paper is pure cotton Webril wiping paper or cotton balls, lens paper, and cotton swabs. 

The focus lens of the laser cutting machine is originally consumable, but do not continue to use it when it still cannot achieve high cleanliness after cleaning many times. only by replacing the new lens can the processing efficiency and workpiece quality of the laser cutting machine be guaranteed.

co2 focusing lens

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