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Ceramic Ring– An important part of the cutting head of Optical Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

The fiber laser cutting machine has three major consumables: protective lenses, nozzles, and ceramic rings

The ceramic ring is an important part of the cutting head on the fiber laser cutting machine, which is used to transmit the electrical signals collected by the nozzles of the laser head and stabilize the normal operation of the fiber laser cutting machine. 

The failures such as the sudden shutdown of the equipment and the laser head hitting the face that we often encounter are actually caused by the instability of the laser ceramic ring. 

Therefore, it is very important to choose a good quality ceramic ring of fiber laser cutting machine. we will introduce you to how to choose a high-quality laser ceramic ring.

The laser ceramic ring is composed of a ceramic body, stainless steel parts, and copper pin. 

The ceramic body is mainly used to maintain fully connected with the nozzle to transmit the electrical signal to the copper pin, which then transmits the electrical signal to the transmission line, and then the internal line of the laser head transmits the signal to the controller. 

After the old laser ceramic ring on the market has been used for a period of time, the connection between the stainless steel parts and the copper pin is poor, and even the copper pin is broken, resulting in an unstable signal or even no signal. 

The fiber laser cutting machine will also stop working for these reasons, or even hit the working face, causing losses to the user.

precitec ceramic ring

Signal stability: the use of a high-quality laser conductive silver glue ceramic ring to ensure a close connection with the stainless steel parts of the ceramic body, while ensuring the electrical conductivity of copper pin and stainless steel parts.

In the market, many laser ceramic rings use inferior glue instead of conductive silver glue. 

In the high-temperature environment, the glue dissolves, and the stainless steel parts are loose, which can not guarantee the electrical conductivity of the product. 

The accident of laser head hitting the workpiece is easy to occur, which causes great losses to users. 

High-quality stainless steel parts ensure good concentricity after assembly with ceramics and carry out a comprehensive inspection. 

As a result, the concentricity error between the two nozzles can be reduced when the nozzles are changed. if a high-quality nozzle is selected, there is no need to reset the fiber laser cutting machine when the nozzles are in contact with the nozzles. 

The working time loss is greatly reduced and the working efficiency of the optical fiber laser cutting machine is greatly improved. 

Now the price of the ceramic rings on the market is chaotic, the price of the original ceramic ring is on the high side, especially the original imported ceramic ring, but some domestic ones are quite stable. 

precitec ceramic ring

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