What Are Consumables For Bystronic®?

Founded in 1986, the Swiss Bystronic Group is committed to developing and selling world-class high-tech sheet metal processing equipment and is the world’s top manufacturer of laser cutting machines, bending machines, and water cutting machines. 

Branches in more than 30 countries around the world to provide customers with convenient services. 

Headquartered in Switzerland, they have factories in Germany and China.We summarize the relevant models and parameters of the consumable parts of the Raytools laser cutting head as follows:

OEM Ref .No.Description 
10074594BY-Push fit Nozzle holder
10077009BY-Push fit Nozzle holder
10083262BY-Push fit Nozzle holder and Breakaway
10048529,HK0810035266,HK1010035267, HK1210035268,HK1510035269,HK1710035270, HK2010035271,HK2510035272, HK3010049744, HK35BY-Nozzle single ,caliber 0.8 mm -3.5mm
10049747,NK10-1510035275,NK12-1510035278,NK15-1510035290,NK17-1510035292,NK20-1510035294,NK25-1510035296,NK25-2010035298,NK30-1710035301,NK30-2010035302,NK35-3010035302,NK35-3010068496,NK40-17BY-Nozzle double, caliber 1.0 mm-4.0mm
10039202BY-Nozzle centering, 2.0 mm
10084700BY-Nozzle F20 DW caliber2.0 mm 
10084701BY-Nozzle F25 DW, caliber 2.5 mm 
10066333BY-Nozzle F30 DW, caliber 3.0 mm 
10090091BY-Nozzle F35 DW, caliber 3.5 mm
10066331BY-Nozzle F40 DW, caliber 4.0 mm
10066330BY-Nozzle F45 DW, caliber 4.5 mm 
10060092BY-Nozzle F50 DW, caliber 5.0 mm 
10066053BY-Nozzle F55 DW,caliber 5.5 mm 
10066053BY-Nozzle F60 DW,caliber 6.0 mm
OEM Ref. No.Description 
10034061BY-Nozzle holder
10046030BY-Nozzle adapter
10051133, MSB-80,08-12-04-9028BY-Nozzle adapter MSB
10064099BY-Nozzle body
10046025BY-Isolator ring, ceramic
10071494,10083331BY-Nozzle body threaded
3-04275,H08BY-Nozzle HD,0.8 mm 
3-01899, H10BY-Nozzle HD,1.0mm 
3-01900, H12BY-Nozzle HD,1.2mm 
3-01901,H15BY-Nozzle HD,1.5mm 
3-01902,H17BY-Nozzle HD,1.75mm 
3-01903,H20BY-Nozzle HD,2.0mm 
3-04276, H25BY-Nozzle HD,2.5mm 
7023207,7023208BY-Water connector set
7023207BY-Water connector, male
7023208BY-Water connector, female
10045746Protective windows D36T5
3-13113Insulating ring
2-10837Nozzle Body
3-13422Insulating ring
4-01642,4-00569BY-Insulating disc ceramic
2-08701BY-Nozzle body
10032930BY-Nozzle body
4-01959BY-Cone ceramic
10032838BY-Insulating ring ceramic
3-11071BY-Fastening nut
10032839BY-Fastening nut
4-09010BY-Ring ceramic

We can provide consumables for Bystar 4020, BySprint Pro 3015, BySprint Pro 4020, BySmart Fiber 3015, ByJin Fiber 3015 ByJin Fiber 4020, BySprint Fiber 3015 BySprint Fiber 4020.If you want to know more details we’re be happy to help you out!

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