3020 Laser Engraving Machine

110/220V 40W 200*300mm Mini CO2 Laser Engraver Engraving Cutting Machine 3020 Laser with USB Sport

The 3020 engraving machine is the most entry-level mini engraving machine, which is suitable for engraving seals of non-metallic materials. 

Such as horn printing, wood printing, red plastic printing, plexiglass printing, atomic printing, crystal printing, jade printing, small area handicraft processing, two-colour board, wood, bamboo, plexiglass board, cloth engraved on a variety of graphics and characters, it is the best machine for first-time users.


Laser Type: CO2 Gas

Tube Trigger Volt: 20KV

Tube Operating Volt: 15KV

Current: 18~22mA

Engraving Area: 12x8in.(30x20cm)

Maximum Item Size to Engrave: 10.25W x 8.75L x 2.85H in.

Laser Tube (life hours): 1000-1300 Hours

Laser Power: 40W

Engraving Speed: 0-180mm/s (0-7 in./s)

Cutting Speed: 0-18mm/s (0-0.7 in./s)

Minimum Shaping Character: 1 X 1mm (0.04 X0.04)in.

Resolution Ratio: 0.026mm / 0.001 in. (1000dpi)

Power Supply:110V/60Hz or  220V~250V 

Resetting Positioning: 0.01mm (0.0004 in.)

Motor Type: Stepper Motor

Software Supported: CorelLASER 2013,LaserDRW

Power Consumption: 250W

Operating Temperature: 32-113F (0-45C)

Graphic Format Supported: PLT/DXF/BMP/JPG/GIF/PGN/TIF

Water Cooling: Water Pump include

Recommended Spare Parts/Consumables: Laser Tube, Focal lens, Reflection lens

Product Dimensions:31.4 X 19.6 X 9.8in.(800x500x250mm)

Product Weight: 32Kg/67lb (shipping 38kg/80lb)


  • Adopt Stainless steel inner hexagon screw to prevent rust, Double couplers make the engraving more stable.
  • The thickness of aluminium is 6mm, with a solid structure, which works more stable.
  • The sliding block is 5mm aluminium plate, durable and moves quickly.
  • It’s multi-use, there’s a 220mm×130mm small platform in the middle of workpiece, easy to take down, inner has a small fixture for little materials engraving.
  • The thickness of the whole aluminium plate is 10mm, with high hardness, solid and durability.
  • Laser tube has good level quality,good stability,high precision,and long use life.
  • High-quality laser power can offer stable and adequate power, and with a cooling fan, it’s relieved to use.
  • Reinforced bearing slide design of small laser engraving machine, stainless steel guide rail is rustproof and oxidation resistance. Lower drag coefficient, higher precision and smooth operation
  • Red light positioning

It can accurately posit the working position of the laser beam, small laser engraving machine working is high precision.

Packing list:

1 * Software (CD)

1 * USB dongle

1 * Manual

1 * Exhaust fan

1 * Exhaust pipe

1 * Air pump

1 * Water pump

1 * Power cord

1 * USB cable

1 * Focal length card

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