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Laser Spare Parts And Consumables For The Main Laser Cutting Machin Brands

We are a technology-based enterprise specializing in laser equipment maintenance, power upgrading, laser technology research and development, laser consumables accessories sales, and other business. 

With high-quality products and a professional technical and sales team. 

Our Team members have more than 10 years of experience, have worked in well-known laser companies at home and abroad, have studied in Germany and other countries, and have rich experience in customer on-site troubleshooting, reasonable charges, and short maintenance time. 

The company sells various laser machine brands and consumables, the products sell well in the consumer market and has established a long-term and stable cooperative relationship with a number of retailers and agents at home and abroad, with strong strength, heavy credit, keeping promises, ensuring product quality, and a wide range of business. small profits and quick turnover, won the trust of the majority of customers, highly recognized by customers.

We summarize some problems often mentioned by customers in the process of purchasing laser accessories, hoping to help you:

1. What are the consumables of a fiber laser machine?

When we talk about consumables for laser cutting, we are talking about laser nozzles, protective windows, focusing lenses, collimating lenses, and ceramic rings. Parts that allow your laser machine to work properly for the production of your customers’ parts.

In order to ensure production that meets your expectations, it is essential not to neglect the quality of these consumables. Moreover, with better quality, you can logically use each of these parts for longer. Significant savings, especially in the long term for your company. 

As you will have understood, consumables are important to consider when you need to choose your laser cutting machine!

Laser nozzle

The laser nozzles are made of copper, which is the last part of the cutting head that is in contact with the sheet metal. It injects gas pressure into the cut, allowing the metal to be cut. For better durability of your nozzles, consider buying chrome nozzles. General laser cutting nozzles are divided into single and double layers.

Single-layer nozzles are used for melting and cutting, nitrogen is used as auxiliary gas, it is used to cut stainless steel, aluminum alloy, brass, etc. as usual.

Double-layer nozzles are generally used for oxidative cutting, using oxygen as an auxiliary gas, usually used for cutting

carbon steel.

Protective lenses/windows

The output optical assembly of a fiber optic beam delivery system consists usually of a collimating lens, a focusing lens, and a protective window. The optical lenses featured in the fiber laser cutting head are made of fused silica and are specially coated to minimize absorption and maximize transmittance of the 1064nm wavelength laser beam onto the metal sheet. 

Ceramic laser cutting head

Ceramics are a terminal component of the profile tracking system during laser cutting. They are located at the end of the head, acting as a support for the nozzle. 

2. How to Choose the protective lens/focusing lens?

1) Matching dimensions.

2) Choose suitable materials. According to different laser power, and considering the cost of use, you can choose K9, quartz. In the actual application process, professional manufacturers divide these two types of materials into multiple grades, and customers can choose the corresponding specifications according to actual needs.

3) Choose the correct coating technical parameters

3.How to choose the nozzle of fiber laser cutting machine?

Here is a article to help you understand:https://wewinlaser.com/how-to-choose-laser-nozzles/

4. How to choose suitable consumables?

First of all, we have to determine the brand of our machine and the model and power of the laser cutting head.

Secondly, we can measure some simple dimensions.

Finally, we can also search according to the serial number of the machine manufacturer.

5. Do I have to choose the original accessories?

In order to save cost, we can choose a suitable substitute without affecting the cutting speed and precision.


6. How to clean laser optics?

You can take a look at 2 videos : 


7. Can different types of cutting head accessories be shared?

In order to ensure the cutting performance, we generally recommend different power to use different consumables, and different models to use different consumables because the laser is machine sensitive.

8. Can the old equipment be rebuilt and upgraded?

Our company can not only repair laser sources such as raycus,ipg,max, but also upgrade the old equipment to save your equipment cost and maximize the use of existing mechanical parts.

9. Can we change it ourselves?

Be sure to wear gloves before changing laser consumables. Some laser consumables are very small, so we must pay attention to avoid damage.

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