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fiber cutting machine
Fiber laser solutions

Fiber Laser Introduction

Fiber Lasers A fiber laser is a laser in which an optical fiber contains rare-earth elements (including ytterbium, dysprosium, erbium, praseodymium, neodymium, thulium, or holmium) …

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Fiber laser solutions

Laser Spare Parts And Consumables For The Main Laser Cutting Machin Brands

We are a technology-based enterprise specializing in laser equipment maintenance, power upgrading, laser technology research and development, laser consumables accessories sales, and other business.  With …

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Co2 laser solutions

How to laser cut acrylic?

How to cut acrylic by laser machine ?  In order to get a polishing effect on the cut acrylic, it is best to use cast …

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Fiber laser solutions


Using our laser optics to replace the original imported Precitec Laser lenses(P0595-58601), what is the difference between cutting plates of the same thickness and the …

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fiber laser cutting
Fiber laser solutions

What Is Laser Cutting?

This article mainly describes the principle of laser cutting technology, highlights several mainstream laser cutting technologies, and analyzes the current status and future development of …

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How to choose Co2 mirrors?

Reflective mirrors, also known as total reflection mirrors, generally made from molybdenum, copper, and silicon. There is no coating on the molybdenum mirror. It can

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