Protective lens Sealing ring for Fiber Laser cutting machine Precitec ,Raytools,WSX laser cutting head

1. Main material: imported high-purity transparent PTFE

2. Spring: made of ultra-thin, high hardness, good flexibility, and high yield strength stainless steel

3. Main features: The material is wear-resistant, the surface is smooth and the friction is small, the spring force is appropriate, and it will not appear problems such as large suction resistance and poor sealing effect.

Sealing Ring/O-ring

The sealing ring is installed in the drawer of the protective lens. Through interference fit with the lower protective lens, the protective lens under the focusing lens is sealed to prevent dust and unclean gas from polluting the cutting head cavity, which will cause the focusing lens and collimation mirror group to be burnt.

Top Selling

31.5×24×3×2(For OSPRI/Precitec LightCutter Windows 30*5mm)
40.3×33×2.7×2(For Precitec ProCutter Windows 37*7mm)
54.5×44.7×3(For Precitec ProCutter Focusing Lens D37)
55.6×48.5×2.9(For Precitec ProCutter Focusing Lens D37)

Parameters :

Ref No Item Parameters Suitable for cutting head
11021M2110007 Seal ring (Middle/Bottom) ∅32.2x24x3.55mm BT210,BT210S,BT240 ,BT240S BM109,BM111
11021M2110005 Seal ring ∅42.5x34x3.2mm BM114/BM114S/BM115 Raytools 37*7 windows
11021M2110051 Seal ring (Top) ∅29.2x21x3.55mm BT240S/BM109/BM111
Seal ring ∅41.5x34x3.4mm Bodor 37*7windows
P0595-59131 Seal ring ∅31.5*24*3mm




Precitec ZM ProCutter DF Lightcutter Cutting Head 37*7windows
Seal ring ∅26.6*18*3.6 WSX KC13 KC15 NC30 22.35*4 Collimating protective windows
Seal ring ∅25.6*19*3 WSX NC12 MN15 SW15 25.4*4 windows
Seal ring ∅29.8*23*3 WSX KC13 KC15 NC30 30*5 focusing  protective windows
Seal ring ∅29.8*23*3 WSX 37*7windows

Sealing-Ring_06 Sealing-Ring_06 Sealing-Ring_06

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