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How to adjust the laser path of laser engraving machine

The laser power is transmitted by a fixed path controlled by the lens and mirrors. However, when the machine has been working for a long time or longer transportation the light path will slightly deviate. When the deviation is serious, the copper nozzle may not be able to emit light, which affects the cutting performance. Therefore, daily inspection and adjustment of the laser path of the machine are necessary.

Note: Before the delivery, the laser machine is packed in wooden cases, the manufacturers adjust the laser path in advance.

When the laser comes out from the laser tube, the laser hits the first mirror, then refracts to the second mirror, and then reflects the third mirror. 

The focusing lens is focused and hit on the surface of the engraving/cutting material.

laser path

The three screws M1, M2, and M3 are inner hexagonal screws, which can change the angle of the mirror by these three screws. 

When adjusting the optical path, change the laser counter by adjusting these three screws. Adjust angle to achieve the purpose of optical path adjustment.

laser head

Laser path adjustment method

The principle of optical path adjustment: by adjusting the angle of three mirrors, the laser  path is finally made parallel, and the laser head is hit at the same position. 

Finally, focus on the center of the focusing lens. 

Adjustment method: (adjust the current to 4-5mA). 

  1. Check whether the laser can hit the first reflector. 

(Cover the first mirror with a plastic sheet and press the TEST key to produce light.)

If the laser cannot hit the first lens, adjust the position of the first mirrors 

  1. Check whether the laser can hit the second and third mirror, if not, adjust the M1, M2, 

M3 screw. 

  1. Apply at least two layers of double-sided glue at the entrance of the laser tube and move the laser head too. 

Press the test key of the control panel in the upper right corner of the table to hit a laser spot. 

  1. Move the laser head to the upper left corner and hit another laser point to see if it is in the same position as the point hit in the upper right corner, if not the M1, M2, and M3 screws of the second mirror are adjusted in the same position. Make it hit in the same position as the point in the upper right corner. 
  2. Move the laser head to the lower-left corner, observe whether the dots are in the same position as the upper right corner, and adjust the second reflection lens. 
  3. Adjust repeatedly as mentioned above, and finally, the three laser points hit in the same position. 
  4.  Check whether the focus is in the center: place a mirror vertically below the focusing mirror and place it close to the tube .cover transparent plastic sheet press the TEST key to hit the laser to see if the laser point is in the center of the focusing mirror. 

The plastic sheet should be held in hand. Be careful of laser burns and do not place your hands within the vertical plane of the lens. 

  1. Note: when adjusting the angle of the frame, the screws of M1 and M2 are adjusted to a small extent each time, and the change of the optical path is observed.

Here is a video for you to understand better. 

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