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We supply laser components to many of the world's laser equipment manufacturers and have a dedicated team of 5 overseas engineers to provide machine maintenance and upgrades to our customers with a lead time of less than 7 days.

Wewinlaser - Products and solutions for laser professionals.

The stock of conventional consumables is more than 5000. Included various replacement parts of OEM Precitec, Bystronic, Trumpf, Raytools, Nukon, Amada, Mazak, HanKwang, Prima, Mitsubishi laser equipment for a long time. For products ordered by customers within 7 days of delivery, customer service is the center, and the aim is to become a maintenance engineer around you.

We have 5 overseas engineers as the professional team to carry out machine maintenance and upgrading in more than 30 countries around the world.


We are WEWINLASER, and we will always be committed to fully demonstrate China’s laser technology to the world. The development of the industry is inseparable from the upgrading of laser technology.

Our clients are the priority, which is why we have a team of experts to guide them in finding the equipment that suits their needs. Our Mechanical solution allows you to develop all your ideas and projects.

Our company has more than 10 years of experience in machine maintenance and upgrading in the Chinese market. Developed more than 1000 kinds of laser consumables, has a professional product research and development department. With our services and 100% satisfaction guarantee, there is no better partner for your laser cutters.

An engineers team with more than 5 years of practical equipment experience will serve you 24 hours a day.

We have developed more than 50 kinds of OEM spare parts according to the requirements of different brands, which occupied more than 30% of market shares In China.


We have a professional team to do maintenance of Precitec cutting heads, such as Precitec HPSSL, Precitec LightCutter and Precitec Procutter Fiber Head 2.0.
The specific consumables, such as the Laser nozzle, Ceramic ring, Ceramic lock nut connector, Capacity Sensor Protection window, Focusing lenses, Collimating lens and so on, have some model numbers as follows:
HD 1.0P0591-571-00010.,HD 1.2P0591-572-00012,PT377-0001 Nozzle-1.0mm double; PT377-0002 Nozzle-1.5mm double,PT377-0001CP Nozzle-1.0mm double CP.,PT377-0002CP Nozzle-1.5mm double CP.,PT571-291-00010 Nozzle-1,0mm.,PT571-29200012,Nozzle1,2mm.,P0492001-00130.,P0595-59845.,P0464-1026-00001 etc.

Raytoos is a good reputation in the Chinese market because of cost performance , and it is also the most cases in our service process, in which the main series is BT210,BT240/BT240S,BM109,BM110,BM114, and the main replacement accessories include 120GJT05 120 GJT06 series laser nozzles, 120274100B Ceramic nozzles holder,211LCG0037211LCG0020 protection lens,Seal Ring 11021M2110007 211LCG0037 Ceramic nozzles holder,211LCG0020 protection lens,Seal Ring Cable SMA-SMB TTW line,Nozzle Connector, Focusing lens and Collimating lens.

Trumpf laser is a great brand around the world that has brought great progress to laser cutting, and we are following the continuous development of Trumpf laser.
In order to meet the demand of the market, we do some oem parts of Trulaser 1000,Trulaser 2000,3000,5000,7000,8000.
7000 fiber, such as ECE nozzles,EAA nozzles, EAB nozzles,EFL nozzles,EAQ nozzles and EAK nozzles,Ceramic ring lncluded 0260432 254493, 0936678, 1349171, 1755673, 1906032, 913966, lens 1614767, 0097517, etc.If you need to know more, We are here to help you out 24/7!

Do you dream of changing your CO2 laser cutting machine into a Fiber laser cutting machine?
Do you feel bad because of the high-power consumption of CO2 laser cutting machines?
Do you feel bad because of the high-running cost of CO2 laser cutting machines?
Do you feel bad because of the high-maintenance cost of a CO2 laser cutting machine?
Our Team can help you to change a CO2 Laser Cutting machine into a Fiber Laser Cutting Machine.
we can upgrade your bystronic co2 laser machine into fiber cutting machine 2kw-6kw ,what we need to replce is water chiller ,laser source, cutting head and Controller.

Bystronic laser machine has improved the speed of lasercutting, especially quick change system has shown us strong R & D capabilities.
We have conducted rigorous tests on its consumables and obtain the trust of customers in the market, such as insulating ring 3-13422 lens cone ceramic4-01959 lens 10032838 nk nozzles, 3-01914 hk nozzles,10083263 nozzles body,10075057 sleeve,10086104 isolator,968752, 10045746, 10-02-01-5511, etc.

Shenzhen WSX Technology Co., Ltd.  is a high-tech enterprise focusing on fiber cutting head and fiber welding head’s R&D, manufacturing, sales and service. KC13、KC15、NC12、NC30A、NC30B NC60,NC30 Automatic Focusing cutting head is very popular in the market.and the main replacement accessories include laser nozzles, Ceramic nozzles holder,protection lens,Seal Ring protection lens,Seal Ring Cable SMA-SMB TTW line,Nozzle Connector, Focusing lens and Collimating lens.

Nukon is American-made laser cutting machine manufacturers and dedicated to supporting the local market through global excellence.
Our team developed Rex and Rex Ceramic ring for nukon laser machine and compatible laser nozzles.

Bodor Laser is an international company committed to recurrent D, production and marketing of laser cutting machines.
The company has maintained a high growth rate since its establishment in 2008. the main replacement accessories include laser nozzles, Ceramic nozzles holder,protection lens,Seal Ring protection lens,Seal Ring Cable SMA-SMB TTW line,Nozzle Connector, Focusing lens and Collimating lens.



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I bought laser lenses, the quality is very good, and most importantly, the supplier company representative Jack was very interested and showed a pleasant interest. Thank you very much
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Great technical support, great product, great communication.
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Shipped quickly to Australia and I received tubes in perfect condition as required.

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