FS50x2mm – D50 d2 P0251-1419-00001 Protective glass for Precitec Fiber laser cutting heads

Product Description: Dia 50mm ET2mm Fiber Laser Protective 99.96%,AR/AR@10 30-1090nm

Size: 50mm2mm

Reference  No: P0251-1419-00001

P0251-1419-00001 (OG Y D50 d2 1064)

P0595-1070-00001 (OG Y D50 d2 HII)

Precitec (welding) YW50, YW52, YC52

Precitec (cutting) YK52

Description:AR 1064/1070 nm

Protective Windows: The contamination of the focusing lens is one of the main for poor laser performance and potential downtime. The laser cutting head is very sensitive to any type of contamination. Wewinlaser the best quality of protective windows to protect the focusing lens against contamination.

There are two kinds of lenses inside the laser head — collimating lens and focusing lens, both of them are sensitive to any type of contamination. Especially the material splatter while the laser cutting the metal. Normally need to replace a piece a day depends of different metal cutting and the para of laser machine, Comparing the cost of collimating lens and focusing lens, the price of protective lens is inexpensive.

That’s why we need the protective lens (protective windows) to protect the focusing lens and the collimating lens to ensure the optic system working stability during laser cutting. Because it protects focusing lens and collimating from back spatter and debris.

The protective lens is positioned between the lens and the metal sheet. Obviously that it is the most consumed optical element in fiber laser cutting head.


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