AU3 TECH/QILIN/OSPRI/WSX Collimation Laser Welder Focus Lens D20 F50/60 CT3.5/4/5 Hand-held Welding

Product Description: FS20x3.0 – Dia 20mm ET 2mm Fiber Laser Protective 99.96%,AR/AR@10 30-1090nm

Size: 20 mm x 3.0 mm

Description: Broadband AR 1025 – 1090 nm

Protective Windows: The contamination of the focusing lens is one of the main for poor laser performance and potential downtime. The laser cutting head is very sensitive to any type of contamination. Wewinlaser the best quality of protective windows to protect the focusing lens against contamination.

1.1 Disassembly of Protection Window

① Pull out the protection window drawer from the welding head body, remove it to clean and dust-free environment, and seal the head body at the same time.

1.2 Cleaning of Protection Window

① Available tools: dust-free wiping swabs, isopropyl alcohol and rubber air blow.

② Spray isopropyl alcohol onto the dust-free wiping swabs.

③ Gently pinch both sides of the lens with the left thumb and index finger.

④ Hold the wiping swabs with right hand to gently wipe both sides of the lens in a single direction from bottom to top or from left to right, and blow the lens surface with the rubber air blow to confirm that there is no foreign matters on the cleansed lens surface.


AU3TECH HW970/960/930/925

Focus Lens for welding D=20mm, F=150mm,F=125mm
Focus Lens for cleaning D=20mm, F=600mm
Collimator Lens D=20mm, F=50mm
HC200 cleaning head
Focus Lens D=30mm, F=600mm/1000mm
Collimator Lens D=20mm, F=50mm
Protective Windows D=35mm, T=4mm

Qilin /WSX

Reflector 22.5*17*3.0
27*14*2 (WSX)
Focus Lens for welding D=20mm, F=150mm CT 3.0mm
D=20mm, F=120mm CT 3.0mm
Collimator Lens D20  F50 CT3.5


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