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Using our laser optics to replace the original imported Precitec Laser lenses(P0595-58601), what is the difference between cutting plates of the same thickness and the same type? 

This is one of the topics that many clients who want to achieve cost savings through Chinese lenses instead of Original precitec lenses(P0595-58601) have been concerned about, but have no way to test and prove with actual data, right? 

So, Our technical engineers use actual test data for customers to share. 

1. Test purpose: 

Record when cutting 16mm thick carbon steel plate with lower protection lenses of protective windows D37d7 respectively. 

Different performance, the formation of test reports for customers to share.

2. Test description: 

Cutting machine brand: Suzhou leading 12000W. 

Laser Source: IPG-12000W. 

Cutting head: Precitec-12000W. 

The cutting figure is as follows:

3. Cutting conditions: 

Actual light output: 10000W; sheet thickness: 16mm. 

Cutting gas: oxygen. 

Cutting pressure: 0.75 BAR. 

Nozzle height: 1mm

That’s the performance of wewinlaser protection lenses D37 d7

Time1st minute5 minutes 10 minutes15 minutes
Collimator lens temperature(℃)49.9551.4151.1852.41
Focusing lens temperature(℃)34.2434.7435.0535.56
Protection lens temperature(℃)39.8129.8130.1830.34
Cutting head temperature(℃)28.2228.2328.2328.24
Reflective value14.8314.8615.0215.05

The next chart is Precitec original :

Time1st minute5 minutes 10 minutes15 minutes
Collimator lens temperature(℃)51.9053.0854.0053.58
Focusing lens temperature(℃)35.1535.7536.0235.84
Protection lens temperature(℃)32.1733.0733.4732.89
Cutting head temperature(℃)28.2329.2629.2029.21
Reflective value14.6814.8615.0214.89

4. Conclusion: 

The two kinds of protective lenses can be cut normally by machine tools, but there is no significant difference in cutting quality and cutting speed. 

Original lenses are coated with broadband antireflective film in order to be compatible with fiber lasers and disc lasers, but this sacrifices the transmittance of the lens to the lens. Our lens the transmittance of the lens is higher than that of the Original one. 

With the same test system and the same processing sample, the temperature rise of the protective lens under the  wewinlaser optics is significantly lower than that of the Original lens.

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